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Aug 11, 2020
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Hey all, I'm switching to sand for my bottom dwellers, and want to redo the aqua scape. Open to any suggestions, I have access to driftwood, plants and a lot of slate chunks. Please feel free to drop in!
OK, I'm going to lift this pretty much word-for-word from my post in NC's thread a while back, because I'm at work and really should be doing some sort of teacher-y thing. Do a bit of reading on rule of thirds. It's where I usually start with scaping a tank; it gives you a lot of room for creativity, with a unified-but-natural look. Here's my take on it:

For an aesthetically pleasing scape, I use the rule of 3rds. (It's not really a rule...more like a guideline) Think in terms of focal points: Spots that draw the eye. Focal points can be hard structures (rocks or wood structures) or interesting accent plants. For your scape, a particularly interesting piece of wood, an intersection of several, or an interesting rock formation would form a great focal point.

Put a focal point about 1/3 of the way in from the side of the tank around 2/3 the height. For a bigger tank (I can't remember how big yours is), I like a primary focal point on the left, and a secondary focal point on the right, 1/3 the height of the tank.

It makes a natural-looking but coherent scape.

scaping 1.png

Something like this, with a wood structure as a primary focus and a really interesting plant (or rock, or pot, or more wood--just anything that sort of draws the eye into the scene) as a secondary focal point. These points get one's attention initially, drawing the viewer's eye into all the other interesting but more subtle plants and such waiting in the background.

scaping 2.png
Nice! I think I'll be doing that! My slate could make for a interesting place to hide/secondary focal point. Thanks :)
Nice designer tip there from Badger. I also like the idea of using plants to frame that centre section of the tank.
Amazon swords, rosette swords, anarchis, dwarf grass.
Edit: I'm gonna add more plants asap.

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