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  1. A

    Platy making bubbles at the top of water! HELP!!

    I have 4 platys (3F,1M) and an Albino Rainbow shark. My tank has been running for almost a year. Today one of my female platys is staying at the top of the water blowing bubbles and then eating them. She ate this morning just fine, and is not off balance so I am leaning towards it not being swim...
  2. A

    Betta lost tail

    Came home from work today and my Beta grim had completely shredded his tail with pieces falling off. He's in a 20l (SORRY I MENT 20 GALLON) with 3 kuhli and a baby bristle nosed pleco. There's nothing sharp and as of 2 days ago the tank perametres are perfect. (No ammonia or nitrite a bit of...
  3. M

    Fish Emergency Redness on temple of corydora

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 20G How long has the tank been running? 5 months Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 78 - 79F What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 6 Harlequin Raspbora, 6 Neon...
  4. Aquariummanfran

    Ongoing fish keeping problem

    Hello everyone! I am new to this community but not new to a tropical fish keeping forum. I’ve wanted to find a new community because quite frankly, I’m struggling and have lost the fish keeping mojo and was hoping I could find some help. Quick background. I have been keeping aquariums for...
  5. M

    Brooklynella or Ich? And what are alternative treatments?

    So in the past 2-3 days, my new clownfish showed symptoms of what I assume is brooklynella. I had fish with brook in the past so I started treatment right away. Where I live, formaldeheyde is illegal to sell, so I'm doing a 5 minute FW bath followed by a 60 minute metronidazol bath, and dosing...
  6. F

    HELP Betta not doing well

    PLEASE see attached. I know it’s only a betta but my young daughters first fish and part of family. Usually swims up to us and on bottom of tank. There is a white “tail” off its side when hes swimming. Can’t tell if infection or cut itself SEE ATTACHED Water Quality is fine There are “suds” on...
  7. A

    My Red Zebra Cichlid is convulsing

    My Red Zebra Cichlid can't swim properly and is covulsing
  8. R


    Hey guys, I keep african dwarf frogs for years now and this has never happened. I've been dealing with a bladder snail infestation which I've sorted out pretty well... the numbers have decreased a lot. However, I noticed my ADF was struggling with a small snailI went to go wash my hands (as I...
  9. G

    Bloating and Large Cyst on Tetra

    Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate <10 pH 7.3 gH 200 ppm Chlorine 0 29gal, moderately planted, gravel bottom with 15 cardinal tetras, multiple cherry shrimp, a clown pleco and two honey gourami. I do a 25% water change every week, water temp is 76F. The past month I have lost three fish, one gourami...
  10. N

    Lethargic betta

    Hi everyone, I’m posting about my betta again I’ve noticed these past couple days my betta has been clamping his dorsal fin ( top fin) this past week but I figured it should get better with water changes but now he’s starting to clamp his other fins too. I’ve noticed he just floats at the top...
  11. N

    New beta one Gill flared

    Hi all, I just got a beta this week and I noticed today that one Gill Is flared and won’t close properly so I went to test the water and ammonia was between .50 and maybe 1 so of course I changed the water I’m using spring water from water gallons in a 2.5 gal. Tank (I’m working on a 10 gal...
  12. F

    guppy with mass in stomach area

    there is a red growth on the guppy i put in some medicine but i don't know if i need to do anything else or what it is
  13. R84achey

    Help fluval 207 canister filter stopped working

    I accidentally switched my filter off whilst trying to turn on my air pump and now it’s not working. I’ve taken it apart as if to do maintenance and nothing looks broken etc and still nothing? Help
  14. R84achey

    Cherry barb with 2 white marks on head

    Hi everyone, I am new to the hobby and looking for some advice for one of my cherry barbs. I noticed he has 2 white marks on his head. I’ve had a good look through all the forums and I really don’t think it’s white spot or columnaris. I’m inclined to think it’s an injury of some sort. I have...
  15. PumpKineTick

    Fish refuses to eat food

    I have a 2-year-old jaguar cichlid (around 10 inches). I usually feed him Hikari Gold pellets (medium-sized), and he was always doing fine, he was eating properly, he was active and colorful. But then a day ago when I was going to feed him, although he looked hungry as usual when I put in his...
  16. Aquarist2020

    Emergency!! Fish food dumped into aquarium. Please Help!

    My little brother dumped an entire fish food container into the tank. Tank 30 gallon. Fish 5 with cleaners 10 about. Tank is 1 year old. Please help. Also does quick start work good enough? My lfs is closed and petco is my only option.
  17. T

    Drastic measure or play it out?

    Should I give up or take drastic measures? (Cross posted to aquariums) Should I give up or try drastic measures? Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 56 litres How long has the tank been running? 2 months+ Does it have a filter? Yes CF1 Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water...
  18. E

    Injured betta?

    I went to clean my betta’s tank. He is a twintail halfmoon betta. I moved his tank into my kitchen and he jumped out onto the counter without my knowledge. I accidentally placed the tank full of water on top of half his body. I found him within 5 minutes and quickly threw him back into the tank...
  19. Electric Warrior

    Worst case scenario - tank leaking!

    Hello everyone. Last night, one of my biggest nightmares began and my 350L Juwel Rio tank started leaking!. I noticed that it started dripping water out of the corners somewhere at the very bottom of the tank, although I couldn't see the point of origin anywhere. I started to get worse, so I...
  20. F

    Guppy finrot?

    I just noticed one of my guppies has a couple tears in his tail, is this the start of finrot or will it heal?