1. Seandgoode

    Fin Rot?

    Hello everyone please could someone help. One of my male guppies is missing parts of his tail fin and red around the missing areas. I have looked online for other views but all opinions seem to vary. Any help will be greatly appreciated.   Tank size: 90L (23.7USG) pH:8.2 ammonia:0 nitrite:0...
  2. Ellphea

    Fish Filter Tube Broken!

    The bottom of my fish filter intake tube, the part with the little slits in it that keeps big things out of the tube got lost while I was moving. Does anyone know of something else I can put over the bottom of the tube?
  3. S

    Please Help! Gourami Having Difficulty Breathing.

    Please help... My Giant Gourami is having difficulty breathing. She seems to gasping for air, and recently has not eaten much for a few months now. She also seems weak, not moving much starting from yesterday until today. I just tried a water change and added an additional oxygen pebble. Is it...
  4. P

    Bought A Guppy 1 Day Ago Now Shes Popping Out Fries Help!

    So i bought a female guppy one day ago and i was just watching my fish when a fry popped out. Unfortunately one of my neon got to it, however i don't have a hatchery and i cant sit and watch all the fish get eaten. Any help would be appreciated on how to make a make shift hatchery until tomorrow...
  5. B

    Guppies Nipped Tail, Problems Swimming

    I noticed today that my red minor tetras were chasing my guppie around the tank but he swam away fine. Then I left the house for a couple hours when I got home my guppie was tangled hiding in the fake plants because he could not swim. His tail was nipped up and split in one spot. I placed him in...
  6. ag-au

    Urgent, 10G Cracked, Questions!

    Hey guys,  Well I have a 10gallon tank (Roughly 40L) on a stand. I've had this thing for 3 years now, it's getting old and has been through 2 moves in the winter. basically beat up it's whole existence.  Now yesterday I noticed a crack. It's about 2 inches laterally on the side of the tank and...
  7. StarfireGraves

    Platy Emergency

    So,    I have 2 females (for sure) who are quite round (I think they might be pregnant) and have a white anal opening. Should I be worried?  One is a female high fin who is very very round and has what I think is a gravid spot but I am not sure.   The other is a female red wag who is not quite...
  8. R

    Betta Fish Water Emergency

    Hi Everyone!     Let me start off by saying that I feel a little like a "fish out of water" here (bad pun, I know), but desperate times call for desperate measures. I am a 3rd year college student and I took in a male betta fish from a guy down the hall who didn't have time for the...
  9. Kabernick30


    So i noticed 1 of my 3 new zebra danios had his scales sticking out and icame to the conclusion that he had dropsy but he died 5 minutes after i found out...three hours later my black phantom died with no obvious signs of dropsy however his balance was off and he was swimming without control...
  10. S

    Gourami Appears To Be Vomiting Blood

    Help!! >< my giant gourami appears to be vomiting blood i have had her for almost 2 years now, and she seems healthy. She is very playful and active, so this is very worrying. Help?
  11. S

    Help! Fish Dying!

    I just got 3 fish this week. They were all fine the first day, but one of them couldn't swim and has now died, of the two remaining one seems healthy and the other is laying at the top of the tank on its side and cant swim. Could you please tell me what is wrong and how could i help the tank? I...
  12. M

    Pregnant Platy? Urgent!

    Hey Everyone! I need help quick, lately I have noticed that one of my platys is growing larger in the stomach area then the other. I have attached some pictures below of the platies so you can compare them. In the tank i also have two angelfish, two red mm platies and then these guys. If she is...
  13. NomNomTiger

    Angelfish Death Now Ich.

    I have been breeding angelfish for a fair while now. I have a 55g with 2 plecos, 2 dojos and 7 angels. 3 just little juvies. I had 2 others in before but I sold the one as his mate got with 2 other males in the tank and he got beat up. Then a few days later I come home to see the pleco eating my...
  14. R

    Cloudy Water 8 Fish Died!

    Hi I'm new to this forum I'm hoping someone can help me. I diagnosed one of my fish having fin rot (kissing gournami) and I bought some medicine and took out the carbon and treated the the tank I also added more filter media/swapped it with the carbon. A couple days later my water started to get...
  15. M

    100% Beginner Need Help Asap

    Please help lol I'm having an anxiety attack. I have new tank syndrome,I had no idea how to start a tank and bought all the stuff and put fish in immediately. I had no clue there was a science to it and after googling I feel like giving up. I have 7 fish and a 10 gallon tank, I have two tiger...
  16. K

    Help! Fish Dying

    I had a ten gallon community tank with five neon tetras a copper tetra a zebra snail and 3 other mystery fish. Now I have the same thing -2 neons. What could be killing them? One got sucked up the filter so I put a piece of nylon over the filter intake. The dead two were new to my tank so not...
  17. S

    Fluttering Platys

    Hi:  We have had a 40 gallon fresh water tank for 6 years that has  evidently been balanced well.    Our two Silver Dollars were in a community tank with 4 platys, 2 ghost fish, and 5 "stripped fish" that we have also had for 2-4 years.  The platys started giving birth at a high rate.  We...
  18. Chad

    Start Here With Your Emergency

    What Others Need to Know to Help You When posting a request for help can you please include the following info 1. Water parameters. (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, PH, temp', Hardness etc) 2. A full description of the fishes symptoms. 3. How often you do water changes and how much. 4. Any...
  19. thorn1414

    3/4 Of My Bolivian Rams Have Died In The Past Week, Last One Looks Lik

    All of water levels are fine, ph=6.8, ammonia=0, nitrite=0, nitrate=5. 3 out of my 4 bolivian rams have died in the past week, don't know why. The last one looks like it has the same symptoms and will pas soon too probably. The symptoms are just a huge decrease in activity, loss of color, and...
  20. S

    Fish Gasping - Tried Several Approaches To No Avail

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help solve my problem or give me some ideas to try, because my current tank issue is driving me mad! I have trawled forums for clues, but none of the solutions mentioned have helped me so far. Also, I'm sorry, but this is going to be loooong, because I...