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Aug 20, 2012
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What Others Need to Know to Help You

When posting a request for help can you please include the following info

1. Water parameters. (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, PH, temp', Hardness etc)
2. A full description of the fishes symptoms.
3. How often you do water changes and how much.
4. Any chemicals and treatments you add to the water.
5. What tank mates are in the tank.
6. Tank size.
7. Finally Have you recently added any new fish?

You may cut and paste the template below and submit in your post:

Request Help

Tank size:
tank age:
tank temp:

Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior):

Volume and Frequency of water changes:

Chemical Additives or Media in your tank:

Tank inhabitants:

Recent additions to your tank (living or decoration):

Exposure to chemicals:

Digital photo (include if possible):

Tropical Fish Emergency Articles

A to Z of fish diseases
Euthanasia of fish
Hole in the head disease
Symptoms of disease (and false alarms)
A to Z of Common Medications

Please help add to the resources we have here, if you wish to write an article post it here (Tropical Fish Emergencies), useful guides will be added to the FAQ topics. To add a species profile simply start a new topic in the relevant Fish Profiles part of the site, where it will be reviewed before being added.
A Word on Advice

A word to all of the helpful members who assist others when they are having trouble : Please don't advise someone to treat or medicate a fish unless you are certain of what they are dealing with. I'd like to point out how important it is not to steer someone in the wrong direction, especially at a moment when they're desperate.

To all posters who come in with a problem:
Please notice that we have an abundant group of knowledgable people on hand. So many people come here and take the time to help others out and share their experiences. Sometimes it's hard to get a reply right away, but please be patient. Feel free to bump your post if it starts to drop. Also, do a search on what you're concerned with, be sure and search further back than 30 days. Or you could private message a member online. When picking a member click on their name and 'search this members posts' to get a feel of who will likely be the most helpful.

Please also use your best judgement when taking advice. Understand that we are all hobbyist and not every circumstance is the same. You can have 10 people trying to figure out a sudden tank die off, but without knowing every little detail a person really can't be sure. The answer could be something as simple as a plug in air freshener near the tank, for example.

Never medicate your fish until you are certain of what you are treating. Research, read,think about it, ask and research some more.

Remember that proper nutrition, adequate housing, compatible tankmates & regular water changes are the key to healthy fish.
Always quarantine new fish unless they come from a trustworthy source.
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