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Betta With Major Swollen Side (Meds Not Doing Much)

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Jan 29, 2013
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I have been trying to treat my Betta for a large swollen side and very little pooping (though he is still active and eats like a horse). The spot is very large focused to one side as well as transparent (with only a tint of yellow). This issue has been going on since a bit before New Years and it appears that treatments are not really helping much.  To be honest, although he seems happy it looks like heck.  Its so clear on the side I can see his internals due to the swelling (which is scary).
What I have done so far:
I fasted him for 5 days and fed him peas at times with this treatment. I have treated him with tetracycline for the entire cycle. I have given him Epsom salt baths and placed a decent amount in the tank. I have done a combined course of maracyn and maracyn 2. None of these seemed to really do much as it had gotten larger on each.
What I am currently doing:
I presently am treating him every other day with a dose (into water) of kanaplex, have his water with a mix of ~5 tsp of Epsom Salt (5 gallon tank btw), and added indian almond leaf (used part of cause they are huge). Other information is that the entire time his water has been heated around 83 degrees, there is a filter (which I removed carbon for due to leaf / meds), and use Stress Coat Plus.
What it started as:
What it looks like now (for last few weeks):
Last water change I noticed again that I am not seeing much poop so it makes me wonder if its an illness and constipation.  Who has thoughts / advice?
To me it looks like a tumor or a cyst.  I would stop with the meds after you complete the length of the kanaplex that you are going to treat.  The meds are probably helping to stress him out at this point.  I am not positive if there is anything you can actually do anything for him except make him as comfortable as possible.  I do not advocate this but I do know a person who had a female betta who had a huge cyst that she would drain when it would get big enough to bother the betta's breathing or swimming.

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