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Feb 20, 2021
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I went to clean my betta’s tank. He is a twintail halfmoon betta. I moved his tank into my kitchen and he jumped out onto the counter without my knowledge. I accidentally placed the tank full of water on top of half his body. I found him within 5 minutes and quickly threw him back into the tank. He is swimming and acting normal however I noticed his body is now bent. Is he going to he okay? I put stress coat into the water to try to help him heal. What should I do? Here is a photo of his body now.


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you probably broke his back

why are you moving his tank around for?
if you are cleaning the tank, leave it where it is and use a gravel cleaner to remove some water and suck the gunk out of the substrate.
If you can lift your fishes tank when it is full of water, it isn't big enough for your fish
Im not following the part about he jumped out of the tank. Why would he do that?

Anyway....Im sure you were horrified to find him like that.
But....he probably was injured in the accident and thats why he looks like that now.
What happens to him next ...."will he be okay".....depends on the extent of the injuries. Time will tell.

But I really hope he will be !!
The fish jumped because he was startled by the tank being carried round. If a tank can be carried round it must be small. It is very easy for a startled fish in a very small tank to actually jump right out of the tank.

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