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  1. S

    My dad randomly brought home four Betta fish with next to no supplies or no nothing to look after them. Any advice is appreciated!

    Alright, so let me explain. I've owned a Betta fish before but I haven't for around a year or so. I had two tanks, one 0.5 gallon and one 1.5 gallon. My dad leaves for work, and last night he came home with four Betta fish (all males) without telling me. I had no idea! The only thing he got for...
  2. Lanpenn

    About Betta nutrition

    Hello! Well, I intend to have a Betta splendens soon in my small tank that's still cycling (30 liters) and I would like to know about the nutritional requirements that the species requires. What should the main ingredients be? I even searched in Google Scholar (for some academic articles about...
  3. M

    Moving with African Dwarf frogs

    Due to unforeseeable circumstances, I have to unexpectedly move (3 hours away). I currently am the owner of two African dwarf frogs and 1 betta. I know that this move will be stressful for them and I want to do anything I can to make it more comfortable so I have a few questions. What can I do...
  4. M

    Fish Sick. Possibly graphite??

    Early this morning I noticed that my betta fish had a grey streak going across the side of his body that was not there before. My fish was also laying on the bottom of the tank at one point breathing very heavily. From research I have done it looks like it could possibly be graphite but I am not...
  5. S

    HELP! Betta is sick!

    My king betta, oneday, is about 2.5-3 inches long. About a week ago (i know i procrastinated this) I noticed he was floating to the top. buoyancy was a slight problem. i fasted him and it seemed to get slightly better. Now? It seems like he’s not getting better. He may be getting worse. I...
  6. Bettaruby

    The admiral mustard tail hunter betta fish

  7. M

    Dropped my betta fish on floor!

    I have recently purchased a new betta fish and while i was getting ready to put him into his new aquarium he jumped out of the cup he came in and fell about 4.5 feet onto hardwood. I immediately picked him up and put him into his new aquarium. I am concerned that the impact of the fall may have...
  8. SAJin

    Fungus on my betta?

    This grey mark showed up on my betta months ago and I thought he had burned himself on the heater since he figured out how to rest on top of the suction cup, but now I think it's changed shape and I'm concerned. I want to check with more experienced people before putting in treatment for it...
  9. T

    BETTA fish Dropsy?

    Does my female betta have dropsy? I got her as a rescue from the store two weeks ago, she was doing really good and was gunna go to her forever home tomorrow. Then 2 days ago I noticed her belly getting Big and puffy. Her belly Is is a dark ish colour , she is a pink and white fish. Could she...
  10. S

    Betta Fish Swim Bladder Issues

    My 1 year old betta fish, Caboose, recently started showing signs of a swimbladder issue, floating nose down with his tail fin up high with a slight curve in his back and is hanging out near the bottom of his tank. Caboose is eating like a champ as well if I hold him up to his food with a net...
  11. April_ht

    Betta Tank & Questions

    I've come to the decision to turn my 4.2 Gallon spare tank into a Betta tank. This was thought up last week, and I've finally got the tank set up and the betta on the way. The tank was cycled for about 6 weeks before I tore it apart yesterday and reset the whole thing, though the sponge filter...
  12. T

    Please help my betta fish

    Hi there. I’ve contacted so many vets about this, and everyone says to euthanize him. I really want him to have a chance at living his best life, so please hear out this story. My male betta fish, Trooper, has had some sort of bubble in his abdomen and has been stuck at the surface of the tank...
  13. jessicarf00

    betta missing scales or coloring?

    i was just trying to take some pictures of my betta, harry, and i noticed this spot on him. i can’t tell if this red spot on his body is part of his coloring, or missing scales. any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated:) the photo with the spot circled is from today, the other picture...
  14. R

    30L with Betta and three Cory's - looking to add shrimp?

    Hey guys, I've had my Betta and three Cory's co-existing for the last 3 or so months now and they are doing pretty well. Quite recently, i've been seeing a lot of youtube videos with Red Cherry Shrimps. So, my question for you guys is would you recommened adding some shrimps to my 30L tank...
  15. K

    Starting 5 gallon tank for betta fish

    Hello! I started 5 gallon new fish tank for betta. Today it’s the 7th day. I do have heater, sponge filter, substrate and decoration for hiding. I’m using Seachem water conditioner (Seachem Prime) and bottled bacteria of the same brand (Seachem Stability). Everyday I’m adding the required...
  16. jessicarf00

    switching filter media?

    i have a hob filter which i have never changed the filter media in. i’ve been doing research and i’m wanting to switch the media to a sponge so i won’t need to buy new ones and so that my tannins won’t be filtered out. my question, however, is how? should i put the sponge in the filter, leave it...
  17. B

    Betta fish fin issues

    Hey! I’ve noticed recently my twin tail betta fish has been having issues with his fins. They look awful. I’m trying everything I can to help. I recently did a complete water change and added new live plants. The test strips say everything is where it should be. It’s been probably a week since I...
  18. Dopatri

    Are my female Bettas trying to mate?

    Hey! This is a bit of an unusual question. But I recently bought two young female betta fish. I already have two existing Betta females in the tank, fully grown. These new bettas I bought look to be younger as they are smaller in size. However I’ve noticed both of my new females on different...
  19. J

    Popeye or Paranoid?

    Here is some pics below of my betta,is it just me or are his eyes sticking out abnormally? I could very possibly be paranoid, but I don't think his eyes were like that before. Am I catching it early?
  20. Kat1053

    Potential erratic swimming in betta fish?

    I bought a beta fish about a week ago and he’s doing very well other than this one swimming pattern I’ve noticed. he’ll go to one side or corner of the tank and go side to side quite quickly along the glass, I know that erratic swimming can be a sign of bad water quality but ive been testing the...