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Jul 21, 2017
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Hello all! I recently brought home a male betta fish named Aidan. He lives very happily in the ten-gallon tank on my desk... the desk that also happens to be the favorite stomping ground of my young ESA cockatiel Cassie.
Cassie approaches the tank, very curious about the small, shiny blue-and-red object that seems to be floating in thin air. Aidan is very shy, so when Cassie approaches and he notices her, he shoots to the back of his tank. That's typically where the encounter ends.
Today, however, Aidan was in a bold mood. When Cassie startled him away from the glass, he swam right back up to her, and followed her around the tank, giving her the side-eye. This lasted for a little while, until Cassie decided to come sit on my shoulder again.
I will post pictures if both parties hold still for long enough next time.
I've had a lot of fish who interact with different animals, including a cichlid who charged the glass and scared my cat off a table. I'd love to hear other people's stories!


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Apr 2, 2017
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My Tiel Simon wants nothing to do with Boris the Betta. He seems to think the whole floating thing is some kind of voodoo.

But he gets very loud if I spend too much time playing with the fishies and not enough time letting him ignore me, lol. Simon is very independent (I'm just happy he lets me live here).

Nice to find a fellow bird lover.

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