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  1. PygmyMitch

    Planted 10g Tank

    I thought it was time to make a journal for my 10g tank. I’m planning on changing the look of the tank slightly, as I think it’s currently looking a bit too basic and simple. My plan is to reposition the existing plants, add more plants and add some driftwood. I have 4 pygmy corys, which I will...
  2. I Like Rare Fish

    Pond Building and Growout

    Hi everyone, I’m building a pond. It will be roughly 13’x7’x3.5’, giving me 2,385 gallons to work with, however, it will most likely be closer to 2,000 because of the fact that the measurements are not exact. The pond will be made out of pond liner, as cement, wooden frame, and other methods I...
  3. OliveFish05

    5 gallon betta biotope journal

    Hello! I am getting started on a relatively loose biotope for a male betta. Here is my plan so far Tank - 5 gallon rimless tank - 16x8 inches Aqueon Nano planted tank light Stock - 1 male betta splendens Plants - Crypts (2) Water sprite vals Willow hygro dwarf Pennywort bamboo pothos i may...
  4. J

    190L Tropical Journal

    First time having a community tank/tropical fish, and have already learnt so much in a week, especially from mistakes/bad advice. Stupidly bought 4 Dwarf Gouramis 2 days after getting a tank following the guys advice at the aquarium shop. Told me it would be fine to put fish in there after he...
  5. MuddyWaters

    I Did Everything Wrong

    I started a new 15 gallon aquarium right at the beginning of September. I have kept aquariums off and on since I was 12 years old and I have never tried to update myself on new stuff as it came along- I just always did it like I did when I was 12- mostly it worked out (with some casualties...
  6. ChrissFishes01

    Chris's Pico Pest Reef!

    Hey guys! So, I recently had a disaster in my hobby. My apartment had to be treated for pests, and I was required to remove all of my tanks from the apartment during treatment. During this time, I ended up losing about half of my livestock - including my beloved Peacock Mantis Shrimp. I do...
  7. Tacocat

    5 gallon Fluval Spec V

    Hello there! This is going to be my journal for my 5 gallon that is currently undergoing a fish-in cycle. I will be updating this weekly or something, as I just want to update any changes and have people alert me if something is off. Current stats: 5 gallons No fertilizers Plants: Java moss, 3...
  8. UnknownFishies

    My Official Freshwater Journal

    Finally decided to to make a journal for my tank. The first picture is from 3 days ago and the second I decided to rearrange it yesterday and here’s the picture.
  9. PlasticGalaxy

    Planted Guppy Tank (54L)

    02.03.2021 Here goes nothing! This is my first project/undertaking involving fish. The plan is to have a planted tank with black sand as a substrate, dwarf hairgrass, amazon frogbit and possibly java fern for my guppies and corys to go in. For now, I'm still in the stage where I'm debating on a...
  10. AilyNC

    A place 4 my questions & ponderings as I build a 34 Gallons (127L) tank

    I finally ordered my tank! I'm so excited I danced around the kitchen & my husband is like "eh... You ok?!" I've ordered the Clearseal (L)36" x (W)18" x (H)12" tank. It's 127 Litres (34 US gallons). I've ordered a custom glass sliding lid too. The tank (€114) will arrive with Seahorse Aquarium...
  11. Hyr

    Gardens of the River - Aquascape - 30GAL

    Hi, I thought I might start an aquarium journal here. Yes, I know, this isn't necessarily an aquascaping forum, but, this forum has the most kind, helpful, wholehearted people, and I want to share with them something that they helped me work so hard on. This is my first aquarium over 10gal too...
  12. G

    Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

    Hello all! I recently brought home a male betta fish named Aidan. He lives very happily in the ten-gallon tank on my desk... the desk that also happens to be the favorite stomping ground of my young ESA cockatiel Cassie. Cassie approaches the tank, very curious about the small, shiny...
  13. BettaPonic

    38 gallon setup.

    This tank is about a week old. I took the amazon sword from another tank. I added a few female Guppies from the same tank along with some assassin snails. I am hoping for the plants to grow in more. I am going to let the Guppies populate the tank. I thought I would share.
  14. E

    55 gallon Amazon-ish tank

    Hi! Following the suggestion of my friend RR, I'm starting a thread about my journey for my first biotope tank. I'll update this when I have new dev going on for this tank. (Or if something change in my 32 while my Corys wait on me for the 55) Currently I got a 32 gallon tank with 5 peppered...
  15. AshleyNZ

    My Cichlid Adventure - 52G/220L Journal

    Have been inactive for a long while now, but I have returned from the grave.  After a few months of having my tank set up as a tropical community, completed with green-colored silica sand from a pesky algae, and nasty looking plants, I have decided that this is not the setup ideal for me!  ...
  16. mrstwalker

    Aquarium Journal - Advice?

    I have heard of several people using/making aquarium journals for their tanks. They log information about water changes, water quality tests, illnesses, medicating, plant care etc. to keep up with the history of their tank. I think this is a marvelous idea and I really want to start a few of my...
  17. TallTree01

    Tt's Axolotl Adventure

    Hi guys, picked up a tank today for some axolotls! The dimensions are 36x14x18 inches and is 6mm glass. I've bought a 36 inch LED that is miles bright, will probably have to get some floating plants or something so the axolotls don't go blind :x The filter is an Aquaclear HOB rated for a tank...
  18. AeonMapa

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Growth Journal :)

    Hi I know I've started a similar thread under the name ebjd journey but it seems this is a more appropriate place to put it. I purchased this fish in late March 2014, I saw one of the local importers put an ad up on facebook,I've always dreamed of owning one but could never find them in my...
  19. Y

    45 Gallon Bow Tropical Freshwater Aquarium

    Hello everyone me and my fiancee have a currently 2 month old tank that is Tropical planted tank with Half Gravel and half Sand. In truth we actually have had this tank for 4 months, but the first month was a catastrophic failure. When we first got the tank we received with it "dirty gravel" to...
  20. Donya

    Marine Aquarium Journals

    Go to Marine Aquarium Journals All journals, including marine journals are now in the journal section of the site.