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betta injury

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    Help! What’s wrong with my betta?

    This is Mushu, my male dragonscale betta. I am not proud to say that I got him from a pet store, but he’s been properly cared for and has been thriving. I’ve been noticing pretty prevalent changes in his scales and fins color wise. He was white and red when I got him, then grew some blue scales...
  2. B

    Betta Injured While Vacuuming

    So my betta got injured. See the attached pics. He's alone in a 6.5 gallon tank. I've kept fish and bettas for years and cured fin rot before but I can't cure this case. I'm at a loss and need advice. I got him in December 2020 and I assume he's around 9 to 12 months old now. He was happy and...
  3. E

    Injured betta?

    I went to clean my betta’s tank. He is a twintail halfmoon betta. I moved his tank into my kitchen and he jumped out onto the counter without my knowledge. I accidentally placed the tank full of water on top of half his body. I found him within 5 minutes and quickly threw him back into the tank...