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Help! What’s wrong with my betta?


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Apr 30, 2022
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Reno NV
This is Mushu, my male dragonscale betta. I am not proud to say that I got him from a pet store, but he’s been properly cared for and has been thriving. I’ve been noticing pretty prevalent changes in his scales and fins color wise. He was white and red when I got him, then grew some blue scales. Now, his colors are all over the place, the metallic white color is spreading to his fins and he’s growing some darker scales (I can provide more pictures if necessary) He seems perfectly healthy, swims around frequently and has no problem with eating.. I just don’t know if this red spot on his head is an injury, or just part of his color changing! I’m worried for my little guy, please help!
Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Unless he got his head stuck under something, I would say it's colouration.
Bettas often will change their colours once they get less stressed (out of the cup at the pet store) and really start to flourish! Also my Betta’s new fin growth is often light at the start and sometimes darkens up

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