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  1. M

    Betta has been dying for months, I’ve tried everything.

    My betta was sick when I bought him about three months ago but I got him into a heated, filtered tank and his condition improved drastically. He was doing just fine for about two weeks and then it all went to hell. Out of no where his color began to fade again, he began clamping his dorsal fin...
  2. S

    HELP! Betta is sick!

    My king betta, oneday, is about 2.5-3 inches long. About a week ago (i know i procrastinated this) I noticed he was floating to the top. buoyancy was a slight problem. i fasted him and it seemed to get slightly better. Now? It seems like he’s not getting better. He may be getting worse. I...
  3. M


    This is my sister’s female betta fish. She has never been in another tank with a male betta and she eats and moves around fine.. I initially thought it was just constipation, but now I’m not too sure. I don’t think it’s dropsy either because her scales are fine, but I’m still not sure. Does...
  4. M

    Help! What’s wrong with my betta?

    This is Mushu, my male dragonscale betta. I am not proud to say that I got him from a pet store, but he’s been properly cared for and has been thriving. I’ve been noticing pretty prevalent changes in his scales and fins color wise. He was white and red when I got him, then grew some blue scales...
  5. N

    Lethargic betta

    Hi everyone, I’m posting about my betta again I’ve noticed these past couple days my betta has been clamping his dorsal fin ( top fin) this past week but I figured it should get better with water changes but now he’s starting to clamp his other fins too. I’ve noticed he just floats at the top...
  6. K

    Betta extremely lethargic and twitching? PLEASE HELP!

    I’ve had my betta for about 2 months, and he was very healthy for the first 1.5 months, but about a week ago, he became very lethargic and staying up in the very top corner of his tank, not eating and with clamped fins. The water parameters were 0 chlorine, 0 nitrite, traces of ammonia, and...
  7. L

    Help! Patches on Betta’s Head

    So today I noticed my female betta has a few patches on her head and she hasn’t had them before. I tried taking photos of it, but she kept moving so I could only get this one (pictured below). Im still pretty new to the whole betta/tropical fish keeping, but I’ve had her for over a year and a...
  8. A


    EMERGENCY!!!!: I purchased a betta 4-5 days ago and he was put in a heated and filtered 2.5 gallon tank. I noticed he had fin rot shortly after purchasing him but he was eating just fine. This morning I woke up to him with white fuzz covering him (I’m guessing fungi) and most of the color gone...
  9. A

    Betta caught in gravel syphon

    I was finishing up a partial water change when I accidentally sucked my betta up in the syphon. He was tucked in a back corner and blended in with the background, so I didn’t realize I had sucked him up for a second, but as soon as I did I stopped the syphon and he fell back into the water. He...
  10. Tyler_Fishman


    Hi I'm new to this forums and forums and general, so I really don't know if I'm posting on the right thing or anything, but my fish have been flashing ever since I put them into a new tank, I don't know if it needs cycling, because my beneficial bacteria colonies have already grown on my filter...
  11. Birdie90

    Fungal(?) Trouble

    I got my female betta in January this year, she has been in my 36 gallon tank until I noticed her scales were missing and she had a faint whit spot on her side. I thought the missing scales were due to being picked on by other fish and the white spot from a burn because she liked leaning on the...