betta (male)

  1. Tl52505

    Rocks turning colors

    I just noticed these weird spots on a plant in my betta tank, and the dragon stone is turning a grayish blue, it used to be all tan. What could be going on, and could it be harmful to the fish
  2. V

    Betta eye has white specks on him.

    Hi my betta seems to have white speck on his right eye his other eye is fine and clear but the right one looks cloudy and with white specks on. He is swimming around fine and eating so im not sure what it could be. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks. :3
  3. V


    Hey everyone! I have a betta named Spike and he's my first and only fish which I've had for almost 3 years now. A true pandemic fish lol. I've learned so much during my fish-keeping journey and I can't wait to learn more. Here's a picture of the old man:
  4. B

    do you fast your male betta?

    I have been fasting my male betta once a week for as long i keep him, like more than 1 month. on the fasting day he seems really hungry and would kick the gravel up. im afraid he might injured himself doing that. what is your experience with fasting your male betta, would you recommend doing it?
  5. Rachealmax

    Male Betta and red tail shark

    Hi I was just wondering if a male Betta could live with a red tail shark? Also any recommendations for Betta food? He currently likes bloodworms and brine shrimp but will not take pallets. A little picture of Bow the Betta
  6. YourReptileFanatic

    about my fish/future fish

    Hi I'm Jamie I'm new to the hobby and I currently have a 10 gallon fish tank with a male red veil tailed betta fish his name is Cal and a golden mystery snail (not sure what my snails gender is yet).:) I made a tank divider for my betta using a plastic mesh canvas and some binding bars I also...
  7. M

    Help! What’s wrong with my betta?

    This is Mushu, my male dragonscale betta. I am not proud to say that I got him from a pet store, but he’s been properly cared for and has been thriving. I’ve been noticing pretty prevalent changes in his scales and fins color wise. He was white and red when I got him, then grew some blue scales...
  8. S

    Is it ich? How can I treat my fish?

  9. M

    Dropped my betta fish on floor!

    I have recently purchased a new betta fish and while i was getting ready to put him into his new aquarium he jumped out of the cup he came in and fell about 4.5 feet onto hardwood. I immediately picked him up and put him into his new aquarium. I am concerned that the impact of the fall may have...
  10. lynhagan

    Heater and thermometer not matching

    Hi - I have a ten gallon tank filled to 9 gallon with one betta in I have a heater that I set to 26.5 celsius and a Dennerle nano thermometer that did match that temperature. A month on and I found that I was waking up to find the Dennerle reading 24 degrees celsius. My betta was breathing...
  11. L

    Betta with bent spine

    Hi everyone. I got a new Betta 2 weeks ago and I’m looking for some advice. We cycled the tank for 6 weeks prior and did all the checks to make sure the water was safe. However after 2 weeks the betta began to become less active and more lethargic. I thought I may have over fed him and stopped...
  12. Duckquarium

    Betta fish received critical hit

    Hi here’s my scape. I have a betta, 1 bumblebee catfish, 1 panda Cory, 2 kuhli loach, and 5 ghost shrimp. The betta and the lava rocks have coexisted with no issues for almost two weeks now but yesterday I woke up and noticed a large majority of the bettas anal fin was completely destroyed. I...
  13. katienewbettakeeper

    concerns about new betta, beginner keeper

    Hey guys! So I got my betta the day before last and drip acclimated him. He’s been in my aquarium and I have some mild concerns about his behavior (and a bigger one about my water parameters) size: ten gallons temp: 75-78 Fahrenheit (fluctuates a bit through the day) ammonia: 0.5ppm nitrite...
  14. SAJin

    Hello o/

    Hi I'm Jin, I'm a relatively new to this hobby. I'm a 24yr old Minnesota native who grew up in the farm life, and love animals. I had a gold fish from the state fair when I was a child but honestly I can't remember much I was so young. My current fish is Berry, a male betta. I got him October...
  15. SAJin

    Fungus on my betta?

    This grey mark showed up on my betta months ago and I thought he had burned himself on the heater since he figured out how to rest on top of the suction cup, but now I think it's changed shape and I'm concerned. I want to check with more experienced people before putting in treatment for it...
  16. Duckquarium

    2.5g betta, needing a cleanup crew

    I have (pic related) set up right now with a betta and a couple snails. The snails have been keeping the glass clean just fine but the substrate is a little messy, can i swap a snail for a shrimp or two or is that gonna strangle my betta? Dont judge my diver head i thought it was kind of funny...
  17. danajs

    Lump on Betta’s tail?

    For a few weeks now, one of my boys has had what I can only describe as an air bubble on his tail and I was told it’s nothing to worry about, but I came down this morning and it’s more than quadrupled in size! He’s actively swimming and feeding, so it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all...
  18. F

    spring break with my betta? help!

    Hi, I'm a college student and at the start of the semester, I got a betta to keep me company. He is in a 5 gal tank and is doing very well, but spring break is next week and I have to figure out how to travel with him. My college doesn't allow you to leave pet fish in the dorm over break, so my...
  19. B

    (Need Help) Betta Fish still bloated after 3 days of fasting and daily Epsom salt baths.

    He's currently in a 1.5 gal quarantine tank haven't added him into the 5G main tank which is fully cycled and currently just filled with a few shrimp. There is a heater and a filter for the hospital tank, at 77-78F, I only had my betta for 3-4 weeks and I been feeding him and fasting for one day...
  20. T

    BETTA fish filter broke.

    Hi my Blue Mustard Bettas filter stopped working. i cant get him one until Sunday or Monday. I will not be here the weekend. Should i put him in the 4 gallon with a divider with my other betta or not? Will he be ok?