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  1. L

    What's this on ny betta

    I don't think this is an emergency but I noticed this on my betta this morning. It almost resembles a flap of skin (which I know it wouldn't be but that's the only way I can describe it). Sorry the pictures aren't great as he doesn't keep very still! Ph - 7.5, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate all...
  2. S

    My dad randomly brought home four Betta fish with next to no supplies or no nothing to look after them. Any advice is appreciated!

    Alright, so let me explain. I've owned a Betta fish before but I haven't for around a year or so. I had two tanks, one 0.5 gallon and one 1.5 gallon. My dad leaves for work, and last night he came home with four Betta fish (all males) without telling me. I had no idea! The only thing he got for...
  3. S

    Betta got sick suddenly and seems to be getting worse

    I posted this in the wrong place the first time. but I had to quarantine my male delta tail betta a little less than a week ago because a gold zebra loach was nipping at him plus he was having difficulty swimming. He was fine that morning but by the time I was heading to bed I had to quarantine...
  4. T

    Hello. I need help with my betta.

    He hasn't eaten in over a week. He either ignores food(pellets, daphnia, bloodworms) or bites and spits(flakes). His tank is 6.5 gallons The tank is heated to 80F It is filtered. The tank is 6 months old. I checked Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, and PH using API Masterkit. Checked out okay.(I...
  5. N

    Betta fib issue

    I’ve had my better for about two years and he has always thrives in his tank but the past three ish weeks I noticed this white growth on his fin. It hasn’t really grown but ever since he got it, he hides a lot and only comes out to eat. He still looks healthy and he isn’t flaring his gills. I...
  6. atarah

    Mustard gas male betta

    Hi! Say hello to my new male mustard gas. I called him Napalm. He arrived today. Living in a mature aquarium with shrimps (ignoring them for the time being). He is really cute! :) Ignore the floating dead duckweed. I'm trying to get rid if it (I know I'm naive X''D) Pic is not the best. He is...
  7. atarah

    Giant candy coi half moon male betta

    Hi! I just wanted to share some pictures of my first ever betta fish. He is called Aldebaran and I adopted him from a breeder in Indonesia and I did regret that choice cos I stressed a LOT during the shipping process that he might die. Alas he didn't although he arrived looking like a ghost...
  8. I

    Correct dosage of Melafix for my 3 gallon tank. Safe for plants? Should I do my Bettas treatment in a seperate tub?

    I recently got Melafix and Jungle Fungus cure. Wondering which one is safer to use and quicker to treat my beta with. I am also wondering what exact dosage to use in a 3 gallon tank. And what the correct dosage to use jungle fungus clear in a 3 gallon of it is better to use that. Help asap! I...
  9. S

    Seeking Advice for Lethargic Male Betta Fish in Distress

    Hi there! My male betta fish has been exhibiting concerning behavior for about 2 weeks now. He appears lethargic, doesn't come up to eat, and spends long periods of time laying on his side at the bottom of the tank in a curved position. I am not sure what he might be going through and how to...
  10. S

    Help! Betta Fish with Split Fins: Possible Fin Rot? Need Advice!

    Hi everyone! I need some help with my betta fish. His fins look splitted apart. Does he look normal? I think it might be fin rot, but I'm not sure. Can you help me identify the issue and provide treatment advice? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  11. V

    What could be wrong with my betta?

    I’ve noticed this thing attached to his fin. (Sorry for the quality) I’ve also noticed some poop hanging out so I’m not gonna feed him today, but I’m mostly concerned about whatever is attached to him. He’s also been hiding behind the filter.
  12. Casper23

    Tank mates for my Beautiful Betta!

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting, I am trying to get some answers on possible tank mates for my Betta. Currently I already have my Betta (obviously) he’s a male Halfmoon. I also have 5 peppered Cory catfish, 2 ghost shrimp, and 2 nerite snails. They are all super happy and comfortable...
  13. M

    White spot on my betta’s eye!!! Help!!!!

    I recently noticed a white spot on my bettas eye,it’s just one eye though his other one is alright thankfully.There’s also a small white dot on his tail. I’ve had him for a few months now and he’s been pretty healthy.He’s still active and moves around his tank a lot,I’ll change the water today...
  14. L

    Betta Hospital Tank

    Hi there everyone! New to the community but not quite new to fish keeping. I am setting up a hospital tank for my betta who is having swim bladder issues from poor water quality and possibly the unsoaked pellets I was feeding. Potentially oversharing here but I have been very sick for nearly a...
  15. lightly planted Betta tank, 10 gal

    lightly planted Betta tank, 10 gal

    my halfmoon male (chub) lives in this tank with 2 anubias, a java fern, java moss, driftwood and some Petco log decorations. a few shrimp along with a shrimp filter, a small air stone and a 10 gal heater. sitting about 76°f. aquasoil, black gravel, volcanic rock substrate.
  16. 10 gal Betta tank, lightly planted

    10 gal Betta tank, lightly planted

    this is my halfmoon (Chub) tank, with a second hand (unsure of the brand) heater, in tank overflow filter made for shrimp, along with a small air stone and pump. there are 2 anubias, java moss throughout, and a java fern. a few decorations from Petco. aquasoil, black gravel and black volcanic rock
  17. M

    Betta with Chilli Rasbora

    Hi guys new here Wanted to know if it’s safe to keep my new Betta with 20 chilli rasboras, it also has 10 panda cories and 30 odd cherry shrimps. I noticed the chili’s are more together since i’ve added the Betta I did see the Betta eat a shrimp on his second day but since then he’s been okay...
  18. V

    Betta fish constipation? What could be wrong with him?

    He is on day two of fasting now since I noticed he was bloated. He's been sitting in the bottom corner of the tank. I've checked on him to make sure he's still alive, he doesn't seem to have any problems swimming, it just seems like it's more comfortable for him to stay there as he swims back...
  19. ellamay

    Betta looks depressed

    Hello can I have a bit of advice please 😊 my betta has been looking a bit depressed over the last couple of weeks. I have to admit I haven’t been testing the water regularly because I never have any issues with nitrate/ nitrite/ ammonia. But I’ve just tested and im pretty sure the KH and GH is...
  20. F

    Help my Betta fish is not acting right

    My Betta fish that I got from PetSmart a year ago is starting to act kinda funny, he stays at the bottom of the tank, not moving, and is oriented at an angle. When I put my finger near the glass of the tank (where he can see it) he darts around the tank and goes up to the top of the tank (for...