betta (male)

  1. N

    Is my betta sick??

    Water Parameters: Nitrate: 0-10 (I'm going to do a water change today) Nitrite: 0 GH: 120ppm Alkalinity 40-80 (colors were weird) PH 6.8-7 (was weird too) My betta eats just fine and he swims around. It is a 5 gallon planted tank with a heater (temp: 79 °F ) and filter. (dealing with algae at...
  2. C

    New Aquarium Vlogger

    Hey everyone I got into this hobby in 2019 and have been picking up knowledge through other hobbyist as well as through personal experience. I recently decided to post videos and content on YouTube. Just wetted my journey with a couple of short clips. I'm really into planted tanks and bettas...
  3. T

    Need betta help

    I'm a young adult and this is my first time caring for a betta and I need help. I have my fish, Stick, in a nice 5 gallon tank, no sharp decorations, real plants only, but I also have an African dwarf frog. I haven't really seen them nip or fight other than when my betta gets too close for...
  4. D

    Odd issue with betta!

    Hello, I woke up this morning and noticed that my betta was not swimming around as he normally would and that he was staying at the top of the tank and barely moving. I looked at him further and noticed something odd. He has an odd shape on the back half of him that seems to be sticking out on...
  5. I_love_my_bettas

    One of my albino Cory cat fish are missing!!

    Hi so I have a 10 gallon tank with one docile male betta, one mystery snail, 3 ghost shrimp and one albino Cory catfish, but yesterday I bought two more for my tank and well I woke up today and one was missing? There is no trace of it anywhere I checked if it had possibly jumped out of the tank...
  6. K

    Losing Scales

    Alright, going to try this site for help. I've posted in 3 others and have had no response :confused: My betta, Joel, is a dragonscale and has a cloudiness to his eyes. Pretty sure he's going blind because of the whole extra pigment/scale overgrowth. If anyone thinks its different and a sign of...
  7. B

    STORY TIME - Water Parameters for a Community tank

    Hello! I've posted before, it's been awhile. Currently, I have 5 Zebra Danios, 5 Emerald Cory's, a Mystery Snail, And a Single Silver dollar. Those who've seen my previous posts know I've been here before, I'm now 18 and know alot more. I only have a single silver dollar, because inexperienced...
  8. CrazyBettaLady

    Help with Betta Illness!

    Hello fellow fish lovers, my betta Fancy Dan has gotten sick recently and I could use some help determining what it is. Symptoms: Slight loss of color Clamped fins Slight swelling in belly/anus Tank Params: Size: 2.5G Free Ammonia: 0.03 ppm, I think GH: 30 mg/L KH: slightly less than 40 mg/L...
  9. sidonkorok

    possible fin rot??

    hi! recently i’ve noticed my twin tail half moon betta’s (his name is sidon!) fins look a bit more rugged than usual? i want to prevent any fin rot so i would like to know what the best products are to prevent this i’d appreciate any help! :thanks:
  10. BettaBoyBilly


    Hey guys my name is Will i have a male Koi betta haven’t named him yet cause idk what to name him. He kicks it in an 8 gallon live planted aquarium with 5 Pygmy Corydora’s and 5 (well i put in 5 but i only ever see the same 3) amano shrimp. I plan on getting some either some Ember Tetras or...
  11. H

    Betta sick?

    I noticed this morning that my mustard blue betta has something white or scales rubbed off on the left side by his back fin (2nd picture)? Also, now I may be paranoid but do his eyes look puffy and gold on his belly? I’ve had him for over a year and had no problems. He’s really a great fish...
  12. N

    Betta is in trouble UPDATE

    This is Sushi, my precious betta in trouble...he is experiencing lump like clusters all over body. He has had it a long time not (4-5 months) I have tried it all from betta fix, almond leaves to kanaplex to no avail. Please if anyone had suggestions please let me know what I can do. It looks...
  13. SpotiKona

    Betta Fish Hanging Out at Bottom of Tank & Breathing Heavy

    Howdy, Tank size: 2 gallon Temperature: 80° F Filter? Yes Heater? Yes Water change ritual: 10% weekly Treatments: API Stress Coat+ following a weekly water change Tank mates? None I have not included other water parameters because I do not own a master test kit. However, if these parameters...
  14. onefieshcedrick

    Think I Spooked my Betta with A New Net

    Beginner betta keeper here- I replaced my dip net today with a different model after it broke with this one. However, my betta's kind of scared of it and swims away in a panic every time I put the net in the tank. In addition, I struggle to get him out of it into a different container while I...
  15. CrazyBettaLady

    Fancy Dan and Joan of Arc

    Hello! I'd like to post something good today, so I'm going to show off my two beautiful crowntail bettas, Fancy Dan and Joan! Joan (full name is Jeanne d'Arc, or in English "Joan of Arc") is a beautiful blue/turquoise/green/sorta iridescent female crowntail that has a very friendly and...
  16. betta86

    White lump and marks on Betta

    Hi all I recently bought a Betta from a local pet store saving it from a tiny tiny tank and giving him a larger tank all to himself. In buying him I noticed he had a white mark on his side and I hoped to treat whatever it was that he had. I and a few others thought it was a fungal infection...
  17. onefieshcedrick

    How to Set Up a 10-gal Tank?

    I am looking into acquiring a 10 gallon tank for a veiltail male betta but have never worked with a fish tank before. Does anyone have a basic set of steps and things I need to set up the tank for my fish?
  18. K

    Betta Fish Emergency!

    Please help! I’m literally freaking out right now. My betta fish is constipated. He has a long black fece hanging from his body. I tried to leave him alone overnight to see it’ll help but this morning he’s laying on his side and not moving! I’m putting him in an epsom salt bath right now but idk...
  19. C

    i need help diagnosing my betta!

    my koi betta has a bump at the base of his pectoral fin. he’s had it for a while, and it was a non issue. but recently he’s become slightly bloated, his fins clamped, seems very stressed, and he struggles to swim because it’s gotten larger. he can hardly move that pectoral fin. does it look like...
  20. A

    Need help emergency! Betta and cardinal terra

    Bit of a long post but please read all PLEASE NOTE I am brand new to this and have only had my fish for around 1 week : I Have got a 30L tropical tank, which was left cycling for nearly 2 weeks before any fish went in. There is lots of live plants also some plastic ones, lots of hiding spots...