betta (male)

  1. lynhagan

    Heater and thermometer not matching

    Hi - I have a ten gallon tank filled to 9 gallon with one betta in I have a heater that I set to 26.5 celsius and a Dennerle nano thermometer that did match that temperature. A month on and I found that I was waking up to find the Dennerle reading 24 degrees celsius. My betta was breathing...
  2. L

    Betta with bent spine

    Hi everyone. I got a new Betta 2 weeks ago and I’m looking for some advice. We cycled the tank for 6 weeks prior and did all the checks to make sure the water was safe. However after 2 weeks the betta began to become less active and more lethargic. I thought I may have over fed him and stopped...
  3. Duckquarium

    Betta fish received critical hit

    Hi here’s my scape. I have a betta, 1 bumblebee catfish, 1 panda Cory, 2 kuhli loach, and 5 ghost shrimp. The betta and the lava rocks have coexisted with no issues for almost two weeks now but yesterday I woke up and noticed a large majority of the bettas anal fin was completely destroyed. I...
  4. katienewbettakeeper

    concerns about new betta, beginner keeper

    Hey guys! So I got my betta the day before last and drip acclimated him. He’s been in my aquarium and I have some mild concerns about his behavior (and a bigger one about my water parameters) size: ten gallons temp: 75-78 Fahrenheit (fluctuates a bit through the day) ammonia: 0.5ppm nitrite...
  5. SAJin

    Hello o/

    Hi I'm Jin, I'm a relatively new to this hobby. I'm a 24yr old Minnesota native who grew up in the farm life, and love animals. I had a gold fish from the state fair when I was a child but honestly I can't remember much I was so young. My current fish is Berry, a male betta. I got him October...
  6. SAJin

    Fungus on my betta?

    This grey mark showed up on my betta months ago and I thought he had burned himself on the heater since he figured out how to rest on top of the suction cup, but now I think it's changed shape and I'm concerned. I want to check with more experienced people before putting in treatment for it...
  7. Duckquarium

    2.5g betta, needing a cleanup crew

    I have (pic related) set up right now with a betta and a couple snails. The snails have been keeping the glass clean just fine but the substrate is a little messy, can i swap a snail for a shrimp or two or is that gonna strangle my betta? Dont judge my diver head i thought it was kind of funny...
  8. danajs

    Lump on Betta’s tail?

    For a few weeks now, one of my boys has had what I can only describe as an air bubble on his tail and I was told it’s nothing to worry about, but I came down this morning and it’s more than quadrupled in size! He’s actively swimming and feeding, so it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all...
  9. F

    spring break with my betta? help!

    Hi, I'm a college student and at the start of the semester, I got a betta to keep me company. He is in a 5 gal tank and is doing very well, but spring break is next week and I have to figure out how to travel with him. My college doesn't allow you to leave pet fish in the dorm over break, so my...
  10. B

    (Need Help) Betta Fish still bloated after 3 days of fasting and daily Epsom salt baths.

    He's currently in a 1.5 gal quarantine tank haven't added him into the 5G main tank which is fully cycled and currently just filled with a few shrimp. There is a heater and a filter for the hospital tank, at 77-78F, I only had my betta for 3-4 weeks and I been feeding him and fasting for one day...
  11. T

    BETTA fish filter broke.

    Hi my Blue Mustard Bettas filter stopped working. i cant get him one until Sunday or Monday. I will not be here the weekend. Should i put him in the 4 gallon with a divider with my other betta or not? Will he be ok?
  12. N

    Microscopic things swimming in my bettas tank

    My beta passed away and I noticed these tiny little things floating in the tank and they are everywhere! Can anyone identify what they are?
  13. J

    My Cory’s gills are looking a bit pink and I’m afraid the betta may be picking on him.

    I’m relatively new to owning fish. I’ve done lots of research and I asked the people at my local pet store about what fish are suitable to live with a betta in a 10 gallon. I got one cory as was recommended for my tank size, three baby African dwarf frogs, four or five ghost shrimp, and one male...
  14. Z

    New betta and need advice, I think I'm going insane

    I unexpectedly acquired a beautiful little guy but I did not have the time to fully cycle the tank or do any real prep. It’s been a week and I’m not sure what’s going on in my tank and if it’s good/bad since I’ve got so many different answers online so I just want to clarify here. Here’s my...
  15. Moist_Ham

    Sick Betta Fish

    This is my double tail halfmoon betta Bubbles I bought him from a thailand breeder about 6 months ago he currently lives in a 10 gallon tank, with 4 snails He has always been a nervous fish but about a month ago he got really really sick and his nervousness got worse I noticed a dark spot on his...
  16. E

    Super resistant fin rot, please help!

    My half moon Betta, Crescent, has had some chronic fin rot on and off for the better part of a year. This is very long, but I am desperate. Please help! While at first I made some beginners mistakes with an unfiltered and too small tank, he’s been in a cycled 5 gallon for all but maybe a month...
  17. bettafishlover86

    Filter blowing food away

    In my betta fish's new 3.5-gallon Fluval tank the filter keeps moving all the food away before he can get it. What should I do to ensure he eats?
  18. kapsey

    Betta Bloat Getting Worse Despite Treatment

    I have a Betta in a 10 gallon planted tank, kept around 78-80 degrees F. I was previously feeding him Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets. He began bloating a few months ago. When I noticed, I stopped feeding him the micro pellets and began feeding him a mix of Mysis, Tetramin Flakes (his previous...
  19. B

    My inherited betta is very sick and I can't figure out what's wrong

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out what's wrong with my poor fish and I'm having no luck. Backstory: teenage nephew bought a male betta fish, Poppy, about 8 months ago from a pet shop. Nephew took really poor care of his pet, including alternating overfeeding/forgetting to feed, not cycling the...
  20. A

    Betta Fish is Sick... Help please!

    Hello, I have had my betta fish for about a month now and since I have gotten him he has been very active and happy. I have him in a 5 gallon tank with live plants, drift wood, and clay slates. I have adjusted the water flow so its not too strong, do weekly water changes about 30% of the...