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Nov 25, 2020
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So my betta got injured. See the attached pics. He's alone in a 6.5 gallon tank. I've kept fish and bettas for years and cured fin rot before but I can't cure this case. I'm at a loss and need advice. I got him in December 2020 and I assume he's around 9 to 12 months old now. He was happy and healthy until February (yes, 3 months ago) when I was vacuuming and I looked down at the bucket for a split second and when I looked up he was sucked up in the gravel vacuum cleaner! BTW - I have sand as the substrate. I immediately stopped the suction and he dropped back into the tank (around 4 inches) and I thought he would be scared and hide but he's so curious it didn't even phase him. He follows me everywhere around the tank while cleaning. He seemed ok at the time but by the next day he had torn fins. The tank was completely cycled (fishless) and I monitor the parameters with the API test kit, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 10 nitrates, 8.0 PH. I do weekly water changes, 25%. But his fins continued to deteriorate so I started changing the water every day or two, upped to 50% water changes, no improvement. In March (3 weeks later) I treated with API E.M. Erythromycin for 4 days and API General Cure simultaneously and followed the directions. No improvement but no deterioration either. In April (7 weeks later) still no improvement, tried salt baths, then tried API Fin and Body Cure for 4 days. No improvement but no deterioration. That's where I am now, 3 months later, it won't heal but it's not getting any worse. I still change the water, 50%, 3 times a week and use Prime. His tank is heated 78 degrees, cycled, sponge filter, he's happy, a ferocious eater, swims all day and all night until bedtime. I make sure not to overfeed, I feed frozen brine shrimp, Omega One pellets and Bug Bites – usually 3 or 4 pellets twice a day (or pellets once a day and frozen brine shrimp).

What should I do? Keep with the increase water changes? Should I use Seachem Kanaplex? Would Kanaplex be too much as the 3rd antibiotic in 3 months? I've heard Kanaplex can be hard on the kidneys.


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I wouldn't use anymore antibiotics, sometimes after damage the fins wont return to pre-accident. I have a crowntail who got stuck on the intake a year ago and he still has half his tail missing but no infections etc. I think if it were an infection to treat with antibiotics you would see other symptoms by now, (3 months later if I read that right) try giving high protein diet along with continued water changes
OK thanks for the advice and your own personal experience. I am beginning to wonder myself is he isn't going to heal or if it's going to be a very long process but at least otherwise he seems ok.

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