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Nov 13, 2018
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Hi, I have a 60 liter tank quite a few live plants a eheim classic 250 and a seachem tidal 35. My nitrates have slightly spiked to about 40ppm and have done lots of water changes but I think my tap water has naturally high nitrates can't get rodi machines or water. So was thinking about Nitra zorb does anyone have any past experiences I've heard for some people it can cloud the water, anyone have any insights?

Also on a side note any tips on sexing dwarf gouramis?
Dwarf gourami sexing the females are plain and have a rounded dorsal fin. The males are brightly coloured and have a pointed dorsal fin. Typically LFS's don't stock females as there is no market for them.
I've had high nitrates in my well water. see My Nitrate Fight
API Nitra-Zorb is a great product that's rechargeable many times with ordinary salt water. Like all packaged resins, when new, you need to rinse well to remove any dust - but otherwise there is no issue.
If/when used in a filter, place behind fine media as if the resin gets coated with detritus, use life can be dramatically reduced. The nitra-zorb resin that I use in my DIY filter just keeps going strong!
Marimo moss balls use nitrates for fertilizer because they're technically algae.
Never heard of nitra zorb.

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