nitrate removal

  1. Oblio

    Planted Bamboo leaves submerged?

    I've been growing bamboo with the stalk and roots in my filter and it seems to thrive. Can it thrive if the leaves are submerged with the roots in the substrate?
  2. Linkandnavi

    API Aqua Essential and Nitrate Reduction

    Does anyone have any experience of the relatively new API Aqua Essential, in particular its claims of reducing nitrate? It seems to be their answer to Seachem Prime, as an all in one dechlorinator and ammonia/nitrite "detoxifier" but with the added claim of actually "removing" nitrates. My tap...
  3. F

    Best Method of reducing nitrates, without affecting minerals and other nutrients.

    Hello, I have been struggling with high nitrates ever since I first started fish keeping, and its caused me to maintain weekly water changes for 30-50%. I am now not able to continue doing weekly water changes as I leave the house for long periods due to new changes. I therefore decided to...
  4. Kaystojj


    Hey everyone! I hope you’re well :) this is my first post so please be kind! I’ve been reading so much conflicting info about high nitrites and I’m super confused. Im extremely new to keeping fish and I want to get it right! I was told by my local fish shop to cycle my fish tank for 24 hours...
  5. A

    Struggle with water quality and high nitrates in cycling tank

    Hello I am very new to the hobby having just had a few Danio over the past year. Unfortunately I didn’t know about fully cycling a tank before, had used QuickStart and waited a few weeks before adding the fish. I am upgrading to a 20gallon tank but the water quality is terrible where I live pH...
  6. S

    Nitrates in tap water - tropical tank

    Hello all I've kept tropical fish for a few years now, and it has been a fairly casual hobby but recently I've decided that it was high time I learnt more about it and so I will be the first to admit I don't know as much as I should. Please be gentle... I have a Fluval 180l tank which came...
  7. P

    Acceptable Nitrate Levels.

    So I have seen the general advice here to always be 'keep nitrates under 20ppm'. Why? What is this number based on? Out test kits show nitrates as just NO3- ions, the studies below use nitrate nitrogen, to convert their numbers to ours multiply by 4.43...
  8. S


    Hi, I have a 60 liter tank quite a few live plants a eheim classic 250 and a seachem tidal 35. My nitrates have slightly spiked to about 40ppm and have done lots of water changes but I think my tap water has naturally high nitrates can't get rodi machines or water. So was thinking about Nitra...
  9. Bruce1975

    Nitrate won’t go down, Oscar with Popeye(?)

    A couple days ago I noticed that one of my Oscar’s eyes seemed a bit bigger than usual. I looked it up and read that it might be popeye. I freaked out and tested the water, everything was perfect except the nitrate level. I did a 50% percent water change, and added my usual water primer...
  10. friezafish

    Controlling Nitrite/Nitrate Levels (Water Parameters)

    Tank Inhabitants: 2 baby blue shrimp, nerite snail, mystery snail Temp: 1 heater set to 86 deg F Size: 10 gallons added a few cholla wood pieces (x3) and it totally clouded my tank, including these levels: added a carbon pack, but I’m waiting on an air pump for a medium-sized sponge filter
  11. A

    Nitrate spike!

    Not sure if in qualifies as an emergency as all the fish appear normal and are eating well. I have a 75 gallon freshwater community tank with 12 fish total (2 Angelfish, 4 Cory's, 2 Rams, 4 Mollies), 2 live plants on driftwood (rest are decorations and silk plants) Today before my water change...
  12. Madipez2017

    Guppies and fire gourami dies suddenly

    So I’ve had this tank set up for probably two years and it started as a glofish tank, and I slowly moved it back to a regular multi species tank. 29 gal freshwater, ph is at 8.0, no nitrite, no ammonia, nitrate is at 5ppm (at last water change) temperature is a steady 78F/26C, good filter, air...
  13. Fiji

    Nitrates refuse to go down?

    Hello everyone. I have been battling a dilemma with my 55 gallon tank for some time now and figured it was time to ask for advice. For the past 3-4 months every time I measure the nitrates level it reads 40-80 ppm which is obviously not good. The tank is not heavily stocked and I've been doing...
  14. P

    Nitra-Guard Bio Cubes

    Hi, has anyone tried this product? It is available in the UK and seems to be getting rave reviews. I need to do something about the nitrate levels in my brackish tank - can't get them below 40ppm and this seems like a hassle free way of doing it, even if I use a reactor with venturi pump. Love...