1. Vengified

    Interesting new Guppy information!

    So, while observing my colossal herd of guppy fry this evening, I noticed some of the fry seemed somehow, very different, from some of the other fry. Took me a while, but finally realized it was the eyes. Some had completely black eyes, some had a silver/white around them (so small, hard to...
  2. J

    Moving to bigger tank

    Hello, So I have a 29 gallon with a single gold fish (kids first fish who has lived for about 5 years now), two blood parrots, a dragon eel and the king of the tank, a clown knife who has had a major growth spurt and is about 12" now. The tank seemed to suit things just fine while they were...
  3. M


    Hi! My name is Matthew, and I am in love with my fish! I currently have 4 Neon Tetras, 1 Glowlight Tetra, A Male Dwarf gourami, 2 Platys (One Male and one Female), and a White Body, Red-finned Rainbow Shark in a 60L tank. My sister has 3 goldfish in a 28L tank. I am new to the hobby, with...
  4. Reaeve

    Cycling almost 4 weeks. Possibly stalled

    I started cycling my 37 gal 30 x 12.4 x 22in. Almost 4 weeks ago. Ph was 8.2 and was there still when checked last. My temp fluctuates between 82 and 82.2F. My KH was 18° (I haven't retested but maybe I should since I have the kit). I have my filter and a bubbler for aeration. I'm using 3%...
  5. Reaeve

    Am I ready to fill with water and start cycling?

    I'm scared to mess up as I'm a fish newbie. My parameters are ph of 8.2 And both gh and kh higher than 214 ppm. I have ammonia and used a calculator to find out how much to add to my size tank. 14 ml of 3% ammonia for my 37 gal. Is all I need to do is condition my water for chlorine and add to...
  6. Reaeve

    New to the fishy hobby!

    Hi! I'm nervous about starting this new adventure. I'm just scared I'll mess up and kill my future little friends. Probably bc when I had fish as a kid/teen i knew nothing of cycling and testing waters. I have a 37 gal top fin kit. That came with a 200 watt heater, 40 power filter, and other...
  7. F

    First timer here!

    Hi all! Very happy to be part of this group! After reading a ton of posts, I'm still lost so hopefully someone can help me asap. We don't have test strips so we will be getting them today, but we live out of the city so if there's a chance we need anything else, id like to get it in the same...
  8. Hyr

    Hi, I'm new here.

    Hi, my names Jazz, and I go by 'Hyr' online. I recently have gotten into fish/animal keeping and I hope to make myself part of this forum. I have a 1.5gallon with my betta, "Tut," (don't worry it's semi-temporary, planning to upgrade to a 5.5 or 10 later), I have a 40 gallon breeder with my ball...
  9. J

    My first tank!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and tank! For Christmas I received an Interpret 5.5 gal glow life aquarium kit. It's pretty much set up for globefish, but it's compatible with any. I washed the tank only an hour after opening it and I washed the gravel in a spaghetti strainer so my water...
  10. R

    10-15 gallon stocking ideas?

    Hello! I'm new to fish keeping and am looking to get a 10-15 gallon tank! After some research, I was thinking of keeping the following in it: 1 Zebra Nerite snail 3 Amano shrimp 3 Pygmy corydoras 1 Male betta Is this a good number of fish for a tank this size?
  11. D

    Feeding and caring for Cardinal Tetras

    Hi guys, Will be getting my Cardinal Tetra’s next week thanks to Byron’s advice. Just a question about their general care and feeding. How many feeds a day? Quantities? Best fish foods? Other general care advice to make their lives happier? Thanks, Dan
  12. D

    RO Water in tank

    Hi all, Finally cycled my tank! Took about 5 weeks but I'm now there. Water in my area is very hard. Details follow: 113 mg/l as calcium 19.755 Clarke 15.82 German I can purchase RO water from my LFS. What ratio tap water to RO water should I use if I want to keep Cardinal Tetra. I also need...
  13. eyecnn5

    Hello I'm new here

    I've been keeping fish over thirty years and just realized, after doing quite a bit of research that I've been doing everything wrong. I hope to find out a lot here while I begin to start my 36 gallon tank and begin to cycle the tank. Thanks eyecnn5
  14. D

    Stocking a 35 litre (8 gallon) Biorb Tube tank

    Hi guys, Completely new to the hobby so please forgive me for my naivety. Bought a Biorb Tube 35 litre over the weekend. Having read the reviews I can see they aren't the best tank but wanted to start small. I've set up the tank, added a heater and now letting it cycle. With regard to...
  15. P

    New Guppies

    Hi! So I am very new to fish and on saturday I purchased 3 male guppies from the pet store. Two of my guppies seem to be doing okay but all three are staying mostly at the top or surface. It has only been a few days so their water peramiters have not settled yet but tomorrow I am going to add...
  16. Sege

    Nitrogen Cycle Startup

    Hi! I'm still new to the aquarium hobby and trying to figure out this crazy scientific nitrogen cycle. I have seen many diagrams made by people trying to explain this thing to a newbie, but really it's not helping. Specifically the part about how to start the darn thing. And suggestions on how...
  17. goldenclaw

    New here

    Hello I am new here and looking forward to sharing my experiences and also look for aid in the future Tropical tank one 36 Bow Front 1.Blue Gourami 1. Gold Gourami 1 Red tail shark 1 Gold Severum 4 Giant danio 2. Two Algae eaters that seem to hide or got eaten lol ( I do see one from time...
  18. J

    Tiger Barbs

    Recently got into fish keeping after many years since i was a child, i have set up a 20 gallon semi-aggressive community tank. So far i have 2 japanese algae shrimp, 1 Ghost shrimp, the 3 tiger barbs which are the fish that i am worried about due to lack of color and what seems like rapid...
  19. L

    Pls help newbie!!

    Hi all, brand new to this site and aquariums! Very much need help!! I set aquarium up and was looking to get variety of bright coloured fish (not sure of type) it didn't happen.... A random neighbour smashed their tank and put into bin area! I noticed two fish in the freezing cold water, so...
  20. B

    Hello all!

    Hello all! I'll introduce the tank first. 75 gallon Double filtration back hanging filters. Gravel bottom. 76 degrees Levels are all perfect, except for ammonia, which gives false readings off this crappy city water I just moved to. Mostly just ,25ppm after 15percent water change. Now the fish...