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  1. D

    Complete beginner

    I’ve was given a tank and filter from a friend. I’ve cleaned it, filled it and ran filter for 3 days then emptied and repeated the process a few times. I’m now at the point of leaving it for a bother couple of weeks before we put the fish in for a Christmas present. It’s a cold water fish setup...
  2. R

    Rate my tank?

    Some info: Size-20 gallon long tank Stock-Golden dojo loaches, yo-yo loach, red tailed shark, mollies, white cloud minnows(gold variety), albino cherry barb, banjo cat, too cat, Nerite snails. Planted-half planted half artificial. Filtration-Aqueon10 and sponge filter for redundant filtration in...
  3. A

    help me.. please!

    Hi, I'm relatively new to keeping fish and although I haven't had any problems with establishing my tank (60L) - I've noticed that my filter (Superfish AquaFlow 200) is a bit too strong, and although it comes with a spray bar, it seems to be pushing air through creating lots of bubbles and my...
  4. L

    Why do my fish keep dying

    Hi, I seem to be having an issue with my tank and so far every fish I’ve got has died after a few weeks. I have cycled the tank, checked all levels are ‘good’ and the only issue I can think of is that our water is hard with a PH of 8. I have had two bettas (not at the same time) but after...
  5. D

    Hi, new to a forum, should of did this years ago

    Hi, my names Mike and I've had aquariums for 30 years, 20 to 40 gal, store bought tanks, undergravel to HOB filters. I just started using a fluval 207 canister about 6 months ago. Moved into a new house and I need help. I want to up my game. I have 36.20.20 Inches to put a tank, I wanted acrylic...
  6. Duckquarium

    Intro thread

    Hi I’m new to this forum This is my 2nd ever betta, it’s fairly energetic.
  7. C

    I feel guilt when I think about re-homing my fish

    Does anyone else have a tank/tanks that don't excite them much anymore?... but they keep it up and running because they have trouble re-homing their fish? I've grown semi attached and worry someone uneducated will give them a bad quality of life. I've always been envious of the hobbiest that can...
  8. G

    Algea growing on window/plants?

    So I've had this roughly 50 gallon tank for just over a month now. I've done 1 water change of about 50% about 2 weeks ago. And I'm now noticing this brown stuff on the front glass, there's some on the back glass too. I'm just wanna make sure it just algae, or is it something I should be worried...
  9. CPDtank96

    A question for you planted tank people out there! 🌱

    Hey guys! New to the planted tank scene and looking for some maintenance tips and tricks 🌱 currently I have the following plants in my aquarium: Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B' (background) Hygrophila polysperma (background) Echinodorus grisebachii 'Bleherae' (I think this is the type...
  10. A

    Rate Our Tank Set up!

    Hey! My husband and I have just set up our 64l tank and it is currently completing it's fish-less cycle. I have gone on **Advisor to try and figure out a good set up for our first small tank. We are planning on: 6x Guppies 5x Dwarf Cory 1x African Dwarf Frog (Not the clawed kind!) 2x Mystery...
  11. C

    New Tank Parameters, please advise

    Hey all! New to the forum. I have a 75 gal tank running with an Fx6 filter and heated to 74 degrees. Tank is decorated with little pebble stones and a huge piece of driftwood. That’s all for now. Tank was cycled for at least two weeks and fish were introduced. It’s been running for about a month...
  12. J

    New tank owners, need advice

    Evening all- My husband and daughter have decided to enter the tropical fish owner life and we need some guidance. We have a 20gallon tank with all the works(filter, heater, decor). We got the tank set up and filled with water, did the chemical thing and waited 48 hours to get the fish-im...
  13. R

    New to aquarium keeping, looking for advice

    Now I know from my posts before you could clearly tell I was very new, anyways I am currently looking for advice to fish keeping, how to keep params in check, water change advice, med advice, light advice, and more anything is helpful! I might also talk about questions about fish in my...
  14. Kaystojj


    Hey everyone! I hope you’re well :) this is my first post so please be kind! I’ve been reading so much conflicting info about high nitrites and I’m super confused. Im extremely new to keeping fish and I want to get it right! I was told by my local fish shop to cycle my fish tank for 24 hours...
  15. P

    Can I add 2 3000k lights to l equle 6000k

    Im planing on getting a 5 gallong is it ok to add 2 3000k spot lights from ikea the “VAXMYRA” to add up to 6000k or is that not how ot works? Does each bulb its self need to be 6000k
  16. J

    Aqua one 620 filter

    Hello! New person on here. I have a 90litre aqua one 620 filter. It works fine and have had no problems the only issue is that it makes a lot of noise (water noise not the actually motor). I bought it second hand and bought a new power head, however it didn’t come with a spray bar. Will it be...
  17. quaintrelle

    I'm new to fishkeeping... Can I have some help?

    So I was planning on getting a 10 gal-- I've done some research but I want to verify with other fishkeepers before I buy. Could I get a 10 gal and fill it with a peppered cory, a panda cory, 2 ghost shrimp, 4 guppies, and 5 CPDs? If not, what should I put in there? If there's enough room, could...
  18. Dopatri

    Why are all my fish staying at the surface?

    I have 6 fish in my tank, 3 guppies and 2 balloon mollies. However, since last night, I’ve noticed they’re all swimming around at the surface of the tank. Particularly the guppies. I’ve got no clue why because I have a pump that sprays bubbles so I’m sure there is enough oxygen in there for...
  19. R84achey

    New cycle help ?

    Ok guys so my tank is up and running. I have included photos of my tests below. The tests have been completed after adding dechlorinator and biological starter. I am also using a filter that has been used previously by the person I purchased the tank from I just rinsed these under tap water. I’m...
  20. R84achey

    Gravel help!!!

    Hi Guys & Gals, So my gravel has arrived it’s been thoroughly rinsed. However I have only added 15kg so far and to me it looks like enough. However when checking the calculators etc it’s saying I need at least 25kg? What do you think? Should I open the other bag or is it enough? Ignore the...