1. B

    Stocking my tank

    Hi guys, I just wanted to see if anyone had issues about how I want to stock my tank, and any way to resolve them. I am getting a 34L tank (almost 8 gallons I think), and am hoping to put in about 5 cherry barbs and a few platys, in that order. I think I would rather have the platys but please...
  2. Narideth

    Howdy from FL

    Hey there, new to the forums, not so new to fishkeeping :D I do still have questions though and I wanted somewhere to gush about my tanks and exciting developments. Glad to be here! -Nari
  3. D

    New cichlid owner

    I’ve kept fish for years but I recently bought a tank and it came with 12 baby Malawi cichlids, a green severum and what I think is a black bullhead catfish. Anyway, my other tanks (which are much smaller) have crystal clear water for long periods of time but this tank has a different appearance...
  4. B

    Restarting with fish

    Hello! I am by no means new to keeping fish, however I'm not very good at it either.. all of my fish always seem to get swim bladder disease or, something of some sorts and die. I haven't had fish in awhile, because I always feel horrible for killing them, even if it isnt on purpose. I need to...
  5. sam_mitchell98

    Found baby snail in new aquarium

    Hi all, so i’ve set up a new aquarium, and i’ve found a baby snail in my tank. I’ve used live plants, but haven’t yet got any fish, so i assume the snail has come with the plants. I need help identifying what snail i have, and any information about it would be appreciated. i have attached a picture
  6. nasy

    Show me your Fish!

    Hello all, As I am new to this forum, and a blood red parrot owner, I would love to see pictures of other's fish as well! Please feel free to drop as many pictures of your fish :)
  7. X

    Are my catfish fighting or playing??

    Hey guys, im pretty new to the hobby and I have a question about two of my catfish, one is a spotted Raphael catfish and one is a stripped. They live in a 10 gallon with 6 other guppies, i had them for about a month and plan on upgrading tanks in less than 2 weeks. I noticed when i turn off the...
  8. F

    New fish keeper over here

    I got a Superfish Home 60 which has been running for a few months with healthy fish. I'm surprised it's working so well. Anyway i have some Gourami's in there. (4), a Cory catfish (used to be 5 but most of them died for no real reason that i can think off) Aswell as a algea-eater that i don't...
  9. S

    Female guppy pregnant or just fat

    Hi guys, new here not sure if I’m doing this right but I think my guppy fish is pregnant because she recently got huge but doesn’t have much of the black near her tail... I just put her in a separate tank (it’s a vase that’s all I had On hand) and she is kind of freaking out I’m not sure if i...
  10. K

    Small zebra fish not eating for over 3 days

    Hello guys! I am new to the hobby and have been educating myself a lot on how to properly care for a tank. I waited to add fish to the tank and have been carefully measuring the water. I’ve had a school of danios in my tank since last Thursday. At first I purchased 2 zebra danios and 2 long fin...
  11. O

    I need general advice!

    Hello! I am completely new to fishkeeping. I mean, I had a goldfish fish when I was 5 that my father took care of but that is it. I am most likely going to buy a 16.5-gallon nano tank, that I will put saltwater fish in. I have read lots about fish in the last few weeks so I do understand the...
  12. SapphireChaser

    New to the hobby - few questions

    Hello all, I'm new to this hobby though we've always had fish when I was growing up. I wanted to breed guppies and I acquired a lot of items for free or cheap off buy and sell pages. I have a 25 gallon tank, 5.5 gallon tank, small filter, large filter, two heaters and aquarium accessories. I...
  13. Too Many Hobbies

    Stocking Ideas 20gal/75l

    Hi! I’m new here and to the hobby and have had many questions but been too shy to post in my local fb group. Ive been running a 5gal for the past 3 months and I want to upgrade to 20gal. Currently I have 5 espei rasboras, 4 Pygmy cories, and maybe 4 rcs (usually hiding). my mom complains that my...
  14. Aynia

    Fairly new and full of questions

    Hi all, my name is Aynia. I've already posted a few threads on the forum and realized that I never did an introduction post. About me: I'm from Ontario, I love anything geeky/nerdy, anything artsy or crafty and I absolutely love animals. I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady but have recently really...
  15. S

    Red-bellied Piranhas

    Hello, Wanting some advice on keeping these fish! How big a tank would you recommend? Looking at a minimum of 120l .. online advice seems to be conflicting!! Have read up around them quite a lot, however any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you
  16. JMuth

    A lot of questions; New Tank size, outdoors, rehoming and more

    So I’ll start with the main questions I’m looking for answers for: 1) How big of a tank should I get and how can I stock it? (I have some fish already in desperate need of an upgrade) 2) How should I rehome my goldfish? (There’s a few options and a lot of questions) 3) How do I work with weight...
  17. R

    Hi everyone

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the hobby and just started my second tank - hadn't completed my cycle on the first and have to start over. I'm running a 25L fluval chi with heater set to 26c stocked with 5 male guppies and 1 male Endler. They seem to be having a good time, waters clean and I've run a...
  18. C

    New, looking for tips

    Hi, I'm new to fish keeping and am looking for any tips and advice anyone can give. The plan is to keep tropical fish, in a 90L tank starting small and gradually introducing more. Is there anything I definitely should or should not do starting off? Any information is appreciated. I have done a...
  19. Cluelessone

    Stocking 20 Gallon tank. HELP!

    I have a cycled 20gal tank (600x 320 x 400 I made the mistake of trying to give my Betta (Sushi) some friends... he didn’t play nice to say the least. He now has his own 5 gallon set up and is very happy. I have 2 Albino Cory’s - one with no eyes (Stevie Wonder) and one has 1 eye (Mike...
  20. C

    Boesemani Rainbow Fish Not Swimming Around

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums and I've been having a hard time getting advice about my two boesemani rainbow fish. I bought them maybe 2-3 months ago and haven't really had any issues with them. While other fish have been added and removed during that period (some too aggressive or just...