1. V

    Prevent fry from getting caught in filter

    We've had a fry get caught in the filter pump in our breeding tak today. Is there something I can cover it with to keep them getting in there? Or a pump unit especially for a breeding tank? TIA
  2. C

    Platy fry turned purple!?

    hey guys i know nothing on fry but 1 of my Mickey mouse fry (3 days old) is suddenly a bluey/purple!? all the others are normal colour. is eating and swimming fine but what's happening to it
  3. Stueyzermatt

    Recent convict chichlid fry - what do I do?

    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help. I have a tank of convict chichlids and a couple of them have just hatched their first fry. They are showing signs of being great parents and protecting them very well from the other fish in the tank. However I'm assuming this will end. When is an appropriate time...
  4. Tanya farrell

    Please help

    Me guppie is pregnant , I just want to be prepared for when she dropped , but I don't know how long she has , could someone help please thank you
  5. V

    Swordtail fry

    We've got three of these little guys & my son is so pleased, you'd think he was the father. :hooray:
  6. O

    When will my guppy give birth? (Pictures)

    Hi, I'm new to keeping guppies and I'm wondering roughly how long it'll be until my guppy gives birth? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks in advance
  7. V

    water changes in a tank with fry in it

    Hi everyone, We have at least one swordtail fry in our tank, and I was wondering if we should do normal weekly water changes. I'm a little worried about harming or stressing the little one(s). We have a planted 125L tank with 7 small cories, 3 adult swordtails, snails, and the fry. The...
  8. dopey696

    Breeding, Fighting Angelfish

    Hello peoples. I have four black and white striped angelfish, they were great fish together until they broke apart into two breeding pairs, each pair lays eggs about every two weeks and they're always fighting. The fighting isn't cool so unfortunately I have to get rid of one pair. My LFS will...
  9. E

    Pregnant Guppies - How Long?

    Hello Everyone, I am quite new to fishkeeping, but after cycling my tank , introducing guppies and shrimp, all seems to be going well. I now have 4 males, 8 females and 2 shrimp in my tank. When i brought the first lot of fish (2 males, 4 females), 3 of these females seemed to be pregnant ( I...
  10. S

    Will Corydoras Consume Fry?

    Hey Guys, I've recently bought two pairs of leopard endlers in the aims of starting a nice colony, however I am wondering whether corydoras pose a threat to newborn fry? As from what I gather from research is that some say they do and some say they do not. Thanks for the help!
  11. A

    Apparently I brought home a pregnant Molly

    i was watching my fish earlier and saw a little thing darting around inside the barrels in my tank. I realized it was a Molly fry after I saw it again. There seems to just be one. Is it possible that my Molly hasn't had all of her babies yet or is it more likely that she ate the rest of them...
  12. C

    Breeding Mollies

    Hey everyone, I have a male/female pair of mollies in my tank, and I'm curious as to how easily they breed. Do they need a breeding process or will they breed on their own? Are there any telltale signs to look out for that shows they'll spawn soon? Also, if they do breed on their own, how will i...
  13. BOGaming_

    Platy fry pregnant or sick?!!

    Okay so i'm not sure if i can call my platy fry anymore. I have two pregnant platies in a tank waiting to give birth and about 4 months ago there was a batch of fry, later there are 3 now grown to the size of a neon tetra. All are females and are housed with 2 males. One female has a much...
  14. BOGaming_

    Breeding Tank Journal (Project X)

    I thought this would be a good way to keep track of my fish breeding project!   I have an amazing breeding project in mind that i want to do, right now i'm focusing on platy fish. I'm still waiting for them to give birth but love and behold i found one platy about 3 days ago and he's been such a...
  15. BOGaming_

    Do I Need A Filter? [Important]

    Hello all, So basically I'm expecting fry anytime this week. This is a repeat of my preg fish from about a month ago but sadly they all died because at the time i was new and did not meet the fry requirements. I currently have 1 fry i am raising in my main tank (in a hatchery) who is doing very...
  16. MiloMn

    Molly Fry In 3 Gallon Tank?

    So My Dalmatian-Gold Spot Molly has had alot of fry since we got her from the pet store. I usually just let nature take its course, But 2 crafty fry have survived for a while so I got a breeder net for them. They stayed there for a while but they got too big and my platy got very stress and...
  17. S

    Interesting Situation

    So I have two bettas, one is a male, almost 3 and a half years old and the other is a young female. I recently acquired a 30gal tank which I set up to see if it was sound and to make sure all the parts worked, and then, for giggles, put the two in to see how they would do. The male betta has...
  18. LoriLisaL'amour

    Baby Fry...what Now?

    HELLO GUYS! I am brand new to this site, but not quite new to having a tank!    I have had my tank for about 4 1/2 years now, filled with 3 generations of Corys all living with their parents!   So yesterday I had eggs on my glass that were there for about 3 days and fastly getting eaten off by...
  19. PaulJohnSmith

    What Will My Fry Look Like And How Would You Manage Them?

    Hi all, I have a pair of big ear red tail guppies, see link for picture, which I hoped to breed and have more beautiful guppies like them. The female became ready to give birth and I assume that due to them being the only pair in my tank the male harrassed the female and he/she ate most of the...
  20. S

    Too Many Fry.

    HI everyone.   I am quite new to fishkeeping but have managed to keep all but one of my first fish alive since January!! I accepted some free fish from a friend. I had 7 small molly fry. I hadnt read much about them at that point. A week ago I was able to notice that two of the larger ones are...