1. C

    Adding New Fish with Fry

    Hi, So I have a 105L tank stocked with 1x Guppy 1x Molly and 3x Tetra (not enough I know I plan on getting more) i also have 6x Molly Fry thanks to the Molly giving birth two days after i got it The fry are big enough now and swim around the tank without being hassled (about 2/3 the size of...
  2. cmhassinger

    New fry and injured shrimp

    so something happened to my little red crystal shrimp I think maybe his legs and antenna are broken. :( So I moved him to a net breeder because I didn’t want the other shrimp to try and pick on him. He is in another spot this morning so I guess he is still alive! Well this morning I have endler...
  3. C

    Molly Fry

    So I bought a molly a couple of weeks ago... two days later it fired out fry. Saved 1 and have had them in one of those plastic containers that stick to the tank. My issue is that my 105L tank cant take a total of 12 mollies (already have two females), the 3 guppies I have and the 7 neons Does...
  4. Newsmalltank

    Are my newborn fry dead

    I am really worried that all my new fry may have died when they hit the bottom of my tank. So, a couple of weeks ago, I bought two female guppies but never noticed one was pregnant. I put them both in my community tank. But two days ago, I noticed one of them was huge. I moved the pregnant...
  5. cmhassinger

    Cherry shrimp dropped eggs

    So I have two shrimp one cherry and one what I thought/was told was a Amano shrimp. I didn’t know the sexes but one day I saw a sac of yellow eggs on a leaf. After research I now know my cherry is a female but from reading online they can’t breed with a Amano shrimp? My sucker fish ate the eggs...
  6. Jennifer Gonzales

    Dropping fry then getting ich??

    Hi all! I have a 40gal tank with 2 adult platies 1 juvenile platy 8 adult guppies, and until today 12 guppy fry. (Set up a 10 gal tank and transferred my fry to it today, they were born 11/23, for reference sake) I do not know specific parameters but I do water changes every 1-2weeks and have...
  7. S

    Discovered Ich and fish fry at the same time - what to do?

    Hello - I am the part caretaker of a 30 gallon tank at work, but I'm just beginning to get some more knowledge about fish tank care. I have a coworker who knows more about the water conditions and behavior. The issue is that we both spotted a few fish with the white spots from Ich bacteria on...
  8. F

    Guppy Fry

    Hi! My guppy just gave birth to around 11 guppy fry. Right now I’m feeding them crushed up flake food. I’ve also heard of some people feeding live food, such as brine shrimp. If feeding brine shrimp is best, how often would I feed it. Thanks in advance!
  9. HalfTailedOwner

    Are these Guppies Pregnant?

    Hi all, I haven't been back here in a while. My dad and I decided to start anew and we have four guppies (all female) in the tank which were on sale at the lfs. Something doesn't look right with them though, most if not all appear to have bloated bellies, and apparently according to google...
  10. M

    I can't tell if my platy is male or female?

    Hey, I recently got 4 platy and I had no idea about the live birth etc. So oooo........ Lol I definitely have 1 male and I'm pretty sure 2 females. There's one more but I can't tell if it's male or female. I'm trying to decide the best option to avoid having to deal with tonnes of fry...
  11. R

    Am I about to get babies?(Blue Acara breeding behavior)

    Hi everyone, I adopted these two 10 cm (4"), and 8 cm(3") Electric Blue Acaras from a guy online that said: "-They are 1 year and something". I want to know if I really got a male and a female, and if they are about to breed I'd love to have some babies; I got the two that were together...
  12. Captivatingcreatures

    Stiphodon goby fry, If anyone has ever had cb fry of the stiphodon plmk

    I have 3 kinds of stiphodon goby in my tank you can see the fry look like all the stiphodon kinds, From everything I have read it's never happened because the fry drift to a marine water and grow up there until they become juveniles. The 3 kinds of Stiphodon I have are neon blue, rainbow and...
  13. A

    Breeding in a fry-only tank

    i am thinking of cutting bottoms off a plastic breeder. Place it in the 10 gallon fry-only tank. Breed in the breeder and let the fry fall into the tank. I’ve searched for discussion of this practice. Why is this not a reasonable approach?
  14. E

    Baby fry with defects

    Hi guys, My guppies have recently had some fry and about 2 (of 12) have defects with a slight bent back. I obviously don't want these to mature and continue breeding to pass on any defect, but I can't find anything online about what the best option is to kull them off. What do people tend to do...
  15. I

    Tank update!

    Unlike most of my other threads that just ask questions in a panic, this one is just me sharing exciting and sad things. In the past week I've had two mollies die. My black one who I assumed has brain damage due to a recent incident, this one I knew was coming she was not eating and lost weight...
  16. S

    Fish cut in half but seems fine??

    Hi all! I have a group of baby honduran red points that are growing up. Earlier this month the smallest of them showed a lot of damage to her tail, it was basically gone, so I removed her from her siblings into my least aggressive tank. Never saw her again and I believe she died and was eaten...
  17. N

    My Molly is very pregnant but hasn't given birth, is there any way to induce labor?

    my molly has not given birth yet but she has the gravid spot and has boxed out, sh has nesting habits, and gets the shakes, yet still no fry. I'm worried something may be wrong. Is there any way to induce labor?
  18. T

    Why won't my guppy drop her fry??? Please help...

    Hello, I am having a little complication with about several of my female guppies. They just won't drop their fry. They are huge and look as if they are balloons on the verge of popping. Now between them they are going on about a month and a half to 2 months without dropping any fry and I know...
  19. E

    Hampshire - Free Platy Fry (Red/Orange Wagtail x Blue Tuxedo)

    I've got about 10ish Platy fry going for free. I cannot support them and need them gone ASAP. Varying ages of about 4 weeks to 12 weeks. I'm in the Southampton area, but willing to drive within the area to deliver. Can also collect.
  20. K

    In search of fry

    Hello everybody. I am searching for unwanted fry. Weather its from unexpected breeding or just trying to weed out the little guys to solve crowding issues. Im looking for someone willing to send them to me to save them the hassle of trying to re-home or having to cull them god forbid. I have a...