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Dropping fry then getting ich??

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Jennifer Gonzales

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Oct 18, 2019
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Hi all! I have a 40gal tank with 2 adult platies 1 juvenile platy 8 adult guppies, and until today 12 guppy fry. (Set up a 10 gal tank and transferred my fry to it today, they were born 11/23, for reference sake) I do not know specific parameters but I do water changes every 1-2weeks and have the water tested at lfs it tests within normal limits. So on Nov 15 I discovered 2 new fry in my tank, I know which fish was their mother because I’ve been excitedly watching her belly and trying to predict when fry would drop, and of course she went from big and boxy back to normal guppy shape. A few days later I notice that momma fish has white spots all over her that look like ich. Take everything but fish out of the tank, turn the heater up to 85 and treat with pimafix and melafix. She just gets worse and worse for 4 days straight until she dies, but none of my other fish have any symptoms and all seem just fine. I cleaned all my ornaments and substrate and put them back in the tank but left the heater turned up, and planned to do so for 2 weeks. On 11/23 another fish dropped fry and I found 10 of them. Then today, 11/29, I notice that the newest mother has the white spots on her! I’m confused as I thought with the temp so high none of them should be able to get ich and also, why would only one fish and not the whole tank have it? I mean I’m thankful I only lost 1vs all of course, but I don’t want to keep losing fish and I don’t understand what’s causing this or what it is. This is my first tank and I’ve only had it since August, so I’m very new to the hobby. Any help would be very appreciated
you need to treat with a good white spot cure Protozin by Waterlife is one of the best treatments for white spot
and no need to raise the temperature it will probably cause more stress to the fish
Did you check the temperature using a reliable thermometer. Setting the heater to 85 may have resulted in a temperature not high enough to kill the ich. If the temperature is 85 or above please post pics in case it is something else.
why mess with temperature when that all is needed is a good white spot treatment
Temp treatment can be better and in some cases less stressful for the fish than harsh medication. I've had a few cases of ich and raising the temp gets rid of it within 5 days :)
My post was not about one treatment vs the other. If the temp was high enough the ich would be gone - so I was just tring to make sure that it was actually ich.

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