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  1. skemp96

    Platy not swimming?!

    So around 2 weeks ago I added 4 platys to my 180L tank (which already had 6 zebra danios in). 3 of the 4 platy's are absolutely fine and swim around happily all day long, however one of them literally just sits in the top corner of the tank all day long and very rarely moves, unless when...
  2. C

    Confusion, is my swordtail a swordtail and is it male or female?

    Hi All, I’m new to this so go easy on me! Last week I bought 3 female swordtails to go with my current male swordtail. Unfortunately 2 died and this is the last one however I am super confused. It has a gonopodium, suggesting it is a male however it doesn’t have a long sword. It’s rather large...
  3. O

    Guppy suddenly fat with stringy white poop

    hi all, i need some help with my female guppy. I’ve had the 3 of them for almost a year now and my one orange guppy has suddenly gotten fat and started having stringy poops. I thought I was over feeding so I cut down on the amount I was giving them but she didn’t lose weight. this started a few...
  4. V


    So I have a rescue guppy female I saved. She was so thin and beaten I really thought she would never be all the way back to have any drops. I have three male “Endler” guppies I’m sure they are hybridized not pure blood lines. So nature have run it’s course and I have 7-10 fry!!! How long before...
  5. T

    Is my Balloon Molly pregnant?

    We have noticed the black spot on her belly which also looks a bit boxed-shaped (usually signs of pregnancy). She has been a bit aggressive with the other fish but staying particularly close to one of the other balloon mollies pretty much all the time. She has been staying close to the heater...
  6. Newsmalltank

    Are my newborn fry dead

    I am really worried that all my new fry may have died when they hit the bottom of my tank. So, a couple of weeks ago, I bought two female guppies but never noticed one was pregnant. I put them both in my community tank. But two days ago, I noticed one of them was huge. I moved the pregnant...
  7. Jennifer Gonzales

    Dropping fry then getting ich??

    Hi all! I have a 40gal tank with 2 adult platies 1 juvenile platy 8 adult guppies, and until today 12 guppy fry. (Set up a 10 gal tank and transferred my fry to it today, they were born 11/23, for reference sake) I do not know specific parameters but I do water changes every 1-2weeks and have...
  8. D

    Is my guppy pregnant or not?

    I recently got a guppy, and today while watching her I noticed she has a decent sized, dark gravid spot. I know that females can have gravid spots without being pregnant, but this one seems a little large to me. I’m still new to keeping fish and I have never dealt with a pregnant fish so I...
  9. N

    My Molly is very pregnant but hasn't given birth, is there any way to induce labor?

    my molly has not given birth yet but she has the gravid spot and has boxed out, sh has nesting habits, and gets the shakes, yet still no fry. I'm worried something may be wrong. Is there any way to induce labor?
  10. A

    Is this female pregnant

    Hello I would like to know if this guppy female is pregnant. As it would be my first fry.
  11. K

    Deformity in my guppy?

    Okay so a couple months ago my fish gave me a new batch of fry but one of them still had an egg attached. I thought it was going to die soon anyways so I just let it be but it's 4 months old now and she's still very much alive. So it doesn't seem to bother her but it also has more fins growing...
  12. L

    How Many Mollies?

    I have heard many, many different things when doing research on Molly fish. I am interested in having mollies in my 20H gallon tank. How many can I fit? I just want as many opinions as I can get. Any info will be greatly appreciated! If it makes a difference, my tank is 24 inches left to right...
  13. R


    i have a 20 gallon tank with 7 Mollies - 1 male, 4 female, 2 babies. I have been trying for a long time to get my tank up to a better condition. For the last month or so. One of my Mollies, Ryder, has been having patches of raised scales in certain places. At first the fish store said it was...
  14. BettaPonic

    38 gallon setup.

    This tank is about a week old. I took the amazon sword from another tank. I added a few female Guppies from the same tank along with some assassin snails. I am hoping for the plants to grow in more. I am going to let the Guppies populate the tank. I thought I would share.
  15. BettaPonic

    poecilia obscura?

    I was reading up on this fish and it seems that it is just a guppy? Am I missing something? Would they hybridized with Guppies? Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance.
  16. BettaPonic

    My Livebearers.

    I keep Least Killifish and Guppies. I thought I would show them off. The little tank is storage until I build a second colony.
  17. BettaPonic

    Saltwater Guppies.

    I am experimenting on saltwater Guppies and I thought I would show them off while I work with them.
  18. BettaPonic

    Bog Filter

    Just wanted to show off my bog filter. The tree looking plants are red mangroves. I also have dumbcane, Pothos, Chinese evergreen, and peace lilies.
  19. C

    Pregnant Guppy with scales sticking out?

    Hey guys, So I have three pregnant guppies, and one of them is a very pale, irridescent yellow, and so her gravid spot isn't really grey or black, it's more like a translucent peachy colour. She was slowly getting bigger and bigger until one morning I wake up, and she's huge! So now the scales...
  20. BettaPonic


    Can I raise Gammarus or some other live food off the back of a ten gallon in a 3 gallon container? They would be food for Guppies, Least Killifish, and maybe a Betta.