1. R

    Guppy Fry

    Hello! Can someone give me some tips at caring for 160+ guppy fry. My aunt wanted to throw her sons guppies (I separated them by gender the first time I got them) so I decided to adopt them since my brother has been wanting some for a while now, and noticed that 3 of them was pregnant, the...
  2. A

    How pregnant is my Molly?!?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this hobby and I’ve noticed that my New black mollies are slowly but surely getting bigger. The store I got them from store Males and Females together so there is no real way of knowing how long she has been pregnant. I have attached a couple images, can anyone estimate...
  3. A

    Striped platty?

    Hi everybody. This is my first time having fry. The one pictured is maybe 3-4? weeks old. I assumed they were platy's, but now I'm second guessing because the fry have vertical stripes. Almost looks like someone took a marker to it. Is anyone able to ID this fry? It's not easy getting a clear...
  4. Circus

    LFS, Firemouth Pair

    My lfs had two more of their firemouths pair off and breed. Here is the pic I caught of them. This is the 2nd pair so far from that shipment, the first was sold as a breeding pair and the customer also got all of the fry.
  5. Lgoldman

    Platy inactive and breathing heavily

    One of my female platys has been breathing heavily and staying at the bottom of the tank all day. She ate this morning. I moved her to a smaller tank. The small tank only has two platy fry that will go into my bigger tank soon. All of my other fish are fine. I can’t tell if she is pregnant or...
  6. Dopatri

    Is my Balloon Molly fry suffering?

    Hi, yesterday I discovered my Molly gave birth, I found 4 teeny tiny little fry all hiding together so I scooped them up and put them in their own little hatchery. However, one of them I’ve noticed is struggling to keep afloat. It can swim, but it spends most of the time on the bottom. It’s...
  7. carligraceee

    Fry Success Guarantee

    I have had several batches of fry and they have NEVER seemed to survive. Something always went wrong with what I was doing. I want to make sure, that my current batch of three fry don't die. I have one molly and two platys. They are probably a fourth of an inch long, their dorsal fins are...
  8. carligraceee

    Fry questions!

    Hello! I currently have fry babies (one is for sure a molly but the other two might be platys). I was wondering when would be a good time to put them in with the adults. As of now- they are close to half an inch (I would guess a bit larger than a fourth of an inch).
  9. Dopatri

    Is my balloon molly pregnant?

    I bought my balloon molly roughly 4 weeks ago, however, this past week I’ve noticed she has more of a defined tummy than she did. Since I had her she did have a round belly but it does seem a little larger now. It also has a slight boxy look to it. It think it’s really hard to determine whether...
  10. Dopatri

    How do I care for guppy fry?

    I came back from work to discover that my pregnant guppy’s belly was no longer looking pregnant. I was confused because I couldn’t see any fry and I checked her before I left for work and she was still pregnant. I thought maybe she had miscarried or something, because I honestly thought she had...
  11. Lgoldman

    How can I add more fish without overstocking?

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with 3 mollies, 3 platys, a BN pleco, and nerite snails. I usually siphon the tank every week and my filter is the one that came with a tank. (Its either Tetra or Aqueon). Recently I found fry in my tank. There were only two left by the time I found them, but I moved...
  12. Lgoldman

    Questions about Molly/platy fry

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with three mollies, three platys, a BN pleco, and nerite snails. Yesterday I noticed fry in the tank. I’m not sure how old they are, but there were only a few left by the time I saw them. I was going to leave them in the tank but I felt bad and ended up moving the two...
  13. Lgoldman

    Nerite snails had babies in freshwater

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with mollies, platys, a albino bristle nose pleco, and two nerite snails. Today I came home to both fish fry (I’m not sure if they are mollies or platys, and I am not removing them because I do not care if they survive), and at least one baby snail. I’m not surprised...
  14. B

    Convict cichlid fry

    So I have a breeding pair of convict cichlids in a 100 gallon tank along with a jack dempsey and a juvinile green terror they will be laying eggs soon and when the fry are born I dotn really want them to be eaten by the other fish as my local pet store wanted to buy some how quickly can I move...
  15. Circus

    Free Swimming Orange Chromide Fry

    My fry have left the pit! Well, some of them. Others are not quite ready, but working on it.
  16. Circus

    Orange Chromide Fry, Now What?

    Okay, so I had to remove the Molly from the brackish tank, since it ate 2 batches of eggs. The third batch just hatched and I saw about 8 fry. The fry are in a little hole the parents dug in the sand, flopping around a bit. What to I feed them? My ground up flake still looks a little too big...
  17. R

    six month old platy frys spitting out food

    hi! i am stocking about 20 platy fry in a planted twenty gallon aquarium. the tank is cycled and the water quality is top notch. about a month ago, one of the fry developed collumanus worms, so i decided to treat the entire tank with levamisole from subquaria. i followed the instructions and did...
  18. carligraceee

    All my platy fry dying the same way except one??? Is it me? Or is it the circle of life??

    Hey guys! If you see my other posts, you will see I have some platy fry. They are almost a month old and were growing like crazy! All of a sudden, two of them started thinning out in the tail area and having trouble swimming and coming up to eat. Then they died the next day. It didn't happen...
  19. carligraceee

    Oh what to do with all these fry.

    My platy gave birth close to a month ago and I have been raising them. I wish I could upgrade to a 29g now but I just don't have the space right now. I want to keep one of the girls, my friend might take three, and then I would re-home the rest (I have 9 now). Can I sell them somewhere? Or do I...
  20. carligraceee

    Betta love with platy fry?

    My platy just gave birth and i was wondering if my male beta (in a 5g) would do well with them until they got bigger and i could sell them. i don’t want him to eat the fry, but i thought maybe they would be too big for him to eat. he is pretty aggressive- but doesn’t eat a lot.