1. A


    EDIT!!!! Update!!!! MOLLY HAD BABIES ABOUT 3 HOURS AFTER POSTED. HERES PICS. My molly is pregnant and about to pop I just don’t know what I’m doing and need help lol. Here she is. Idk how long she’s been pregnant all I know is she’s about to give birth maybe. The male is freaking out hanging...
  2. carligraceee

    Bent spine in my Platy fry :( (that rhymes, it was unintentional)

    Hey guys! So I have been raising three baby platys for awhile now. I think they reached a month old a couple days ago. However, one died a day ago and when I looked closely at his body to find anything abnormal, I saw he had taken on a sort of krill shape (almost like a boomerang). I then looked...
  3. madisonfortyway

    Weird cloudy layer in Guppy Tanks

    My guppy tanks have has this cloudy film in them for the past week. In my adult tank it was everywhere. I just set up this 5 gallon for my fry and after going to sleep I wake up to this. Half of my fry are dead and this milky layer is just sitting at the bottom of my tank.
  4. Guyb93

    Electric blue acara fry are now swimming

    Not sure how to get the video up so put it on YouTube lol really happy and look to have quite a few this time not sure weather to leave them tho and I fear I will do more harm than good trying to get them out
  5. J

    Does my Molly look pregnant?

    Hi, Looking for some help if possible. One of my mollies looks huge compared to the others. Do you think she's pregnant or just well fed?! We have moved her into a hatchery as we aren't sure if she's ready to drop or pop. Any advice greatly appreciated! Jamie
  6. Guyb93

    Electric blue acara fry

    I hve eba fry !!! I noticed breeding Behavior a few weeks ago and though nothing of it on Wednesday I moved them tanks , I checked the tree cave they had claimed didn’t see eggs so thought again nothing of it today I have fry , I can’t see exactly how many off the video my partner sent me I will...
  7. E

    Corydora Breeding Help - What am I doing wrong?

    I have one female and three male Peppered Corydoras that have been laying eggs like crazy, but I've had very inconsistent success. I always remove the eggs by rolling them off the glass with my finger so they stick to my finger, and then rolling them onto the side of another container. The...
  8. E

    Rosy barb breeding

    Okay so I have 4 females and one male in a tank and I’ve been trying to look for breeding online there isn’t any helpful advice 1. What do rosy barbs eggs look like? 2.where do they lay them? 3.does the female lay the eggs straight after she’s mated ? 4.what does it mean having the water few...
  9. AilyNC

    Platy fry in breeder box

    I put my Platy fry in a breeder box. Today is the 7th day. I've 9. They seem ok, active and like to hang out a lot in the Salvinia I put in with them. I think they're about 8mm in length. Should I release them now into the main tank? I don't have a second tank. I know I'll need to re-home some...
  10. AilyNC

    Water change during fry drops??

    Hey my tank is a bit of a hectic fish in cycle case. I've been doing 75% water changes the last 4 days and measurements. A Platy has started having fry. Should I wait until she's finished to do a water change? How will I know she's finished? I managed to get two fry into incubation box...
  11. K

    Baby fry...need advice!

    Hi all! My mickey mouse platy has birthed her fry this morning. I could probably see around 15 to 20 fry in the birthing net, and wasn't sure she was done yet. I've come to check on her progress and I think I only see about 10 maybe less? So I was worried she was eating them so I've popped her...
  12. S

    Fry staying on top of tank

    I brought home a pair of balloon mollies a couple of days ago. I could see that the female was about to pop when I got her home. By morning I noticed the first fry. I've had a lot of fish over the years and a lot of fry, but these are totally different. I walked away for a few minutes and by the...
  13. O

    Fry Identification Guppy or Molly

    Hi one of my fish in my community tank recently gave birth to some fry. But currently I have two types of livebearers in the tank and I wasnt awake when the fish gave birth. Down below are the pictures. I have a few guppies and three Dalmatian Mollys and currently the fry are in a breeder box...
  14. B

    Yellow cobra guppy laid eggs

    Hi everyone. Recently I started an all Male tropical fish tank. I began by 4 male endlers and then last week added in 2 Male yellow cobra guppies. I didn't understand why all my endlers were chasing one of my new guppies every second of the day as they're all males. But today I noticed one of...
  15. Irksome

    Unexpected fry in fish delivery. How can I maximise survival?

    I had a fish delivery of just two adult guppies to add to my female betta/ Guppy tank and to my surprise there were four fry also in the bag. I have 3 options for them. My female betta/guppy tank, although she is fine with adult guppies will probably eat the fry on under 30 seconds and I just...
  16. brokenoob!

    Molly not giving Birth after 5.5 weeks?

    Hey everybody! I've had my Molly Pearl for a while now, she gave birth to her first brood (with me anyways) about 2 months ago, delivery was quick and she returned to being a happy little fish! 2-3 Weeks after the first pregnancy I noticed she was getting bigger again--That was 5 1/2 weeks ago...
  17. brokenoob!

    Platinum/Creamsicle Lyretail Molly with tiny black spots?

    Hello everyone! I've had the most amazing Platinum Lyretail Molly named Pearl for just over two months now. She has the biggest personality I've ever seen, if I get within 5 feet of the glass she comes up to me sounds crazy but literally almost wags her tail in excitement like a dog...
  18. D

    Drape Fin Barb unexpected fry — help!

    Hi freshwater fans, Brand new to this forum and hoping to get some much-needed advice. I have a heavily planted 70l community tank containing six Drape Fin Barbs (three males and three females), four male guppies, three dwarf corydoras, and a pleco. Everyone gets along famously, and I was happy...
  19. I

    Ideal temperature/tank requirements for encouraging livebearer pregnancy

    I currently have a number of platies, mollies, and a swordtail in a 55g community tank with a number of other fish set at 78 F. Is this an ideal temperature to encourage pregnancy or should I increase it to 79 or 80 degrees? I'll likely place any pregnant fish in a breeder net and then transfer...
  20. Jan Cavalieri

    Babies and Mommy (or Daddy) - take a guess on what they are

    These little guys and gals are (I think) about a month or so old - it's all we could rescue from the tank after hatching - we are ok with that because their parents and friends are rather bad tempered and now we have 3 more! Already practicing bumping each other around. Mom and Dad are about...