1. outofwater

    Is this fry fat, or does it have worms?

    Hi everyone, last Saturday I went by a nearby lfs and bought 3 ottos. Upon arrival at home I noticed a small, unknown fry in the bag. Couple of days later an otto died, so I went back to the store with the fish and water sample. After confirming all params were OK, (0 ammonia and nitrites, 10...
  2. Eardz

    Panda Corydoras Eggs

    Hi all, I found a few eggs from my panda Corydoras, I’ve never seen them breed and this is the first time I have seen eggs. Should I do anything special? I have just separated them within the tank for now. I’d love to see them hatch and grow to be strong fry and eventually adult fish to join...
  3. B

    Mixing Cory Eggs

    With the help of some other users advice, my first batch of peppered cory fry have hatched in the 2L cookie jar yesterday, I have been doing daily water changes. They have been spawning for months, but I have only just realised how tiny they are/ they've been escaping the breeder box slits the...
  4. E

    Is my pregnant guppy about to give birth?

    I have had this female guppy for about 2 weeks and she's been pregnant since day 1. I just separated her into a birthing container but am unsure if she's actually about to give birth soon. Her belly seems to have that "shape" I've read about and her gravid spot has gotten very big over the last...
  5. S

    Bristlenose pleco guarding eggs??

    Hi, I recently got a male albino bristlenose pleco, unknown to me at the time because I’m only a year into fish keeping… I must’ve had all female bristlenoses in my tank already when I got him because none of the other have spikes even half as big as his… Anyway, since he has been in the tank...
  6. G

    Possibly pregnant Swordtail help!!

    Fat or pregnant swordtail ?? Is she is pregnant how much longer do you think until babies? … so sorry she is pooping😂 It’s a koi female swordtail and I also have a male koi swordtail I have another post too today for a platy if u can help with that too won’t let me put vids so they are blurry
  7. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    Hello! I'm relatively new to the hobby, about a year in. I have a 155g tank with 2 Oscars, 2 catfish, and 2 goldfish (that the oscars didn't eat and have grown). I also have a 55g planted tank that's cycled and houses an army of Cherry Shrimp, plants, and 5 snails. Recently i've added guppies...
  8. LuluH

    Baby guppys and filter intake pipe

    Can anyone recommend a good preventative measure to stop the very young fry under a month old from being swept into the cylinder's end that is black plastic with gaps. i used the toes' tip of a ladies fine stocking and elastic band over it this week but found one fish was attached by its mouth...
  9. Kelseyghardin125

    Pregnant Endler Guppy - Does this look normal?

    I purchased a couple of Endler females from the aquarium store yesterday. The employee said a couple of them that she picked *should* be fixing to pop. After getting them home and having time to thoroughly look them over, I noticed that 2 of them look seriously miserable. One is swimming...
  10. Linkandnavi

    My current six tank setups

    Hi guys, Haven't done this before but thought I'd post my current tank setups. Apologies for the quality of photos/reflections. Taken just before dawn, room lights off, blinds closed and tank lights on and still have reflections... :rolleyes: Anyhow! Tank #1: Angelfish community in my...
  11. Barry Tetra

    Lemon tetra fries

    Hello everyone. I found some fries in the tank with 6 lemon tetras. Do I need to move the fries or adults to QT tank?
  12. M

    Aggression levels of betta brothers

    Hey so, recently my opal male betta and koi female mated and I have been raising their fry for 3 weeks now. I plan on selling/giving away the male offspring and actually wondered if male betta brothers who have always lived in the same space together will get along as adults too. I am assuming...
  13. Circus

    Development of N. Multifasciatus

    How long does it take for the Neolamprologus Multifasciatus fry to reach sexual maturity? I have a trio, 2F 1M, with a batch of fry from each female. Each clutch emerged 2 to 3 weeks apart. The first set of fry look like miniature versions of the adults, and the second are still developing...
  14. Circus

    80 gallon with Orange Chromide Fry

    Rather than the usual pair in my 29 gallon (who have yet to successfully raise their fry), a pair of Orange Chromides in my 80 gallon tank decided to pair off. They are about 2 weeks in from first laying of eggs.
  15. P

    Help whats wrong with my 2 day old molly fry?

    i have a 2 day old molly fry he/she is randomly twirling in the middle of swimming and just continues to swim normally as if nothing happened I included a video please help
  16. R

    Guppy Fry

    Hello! Can someone give me some tips at caring for 160+ guppy fry. My aunt wanted to throw her sons guppies (I separated them by gender the first time I got them) so I decided to adopt them since my brother has been wanting some for a while now, and noticed that 3 of them was pregnant, the...
  17. A

    How pregnant is my Molly?!?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this hobby and I’ve noticed that my New black mollies are slowly but surely getting bigger. The store I got them from store Males and Females together so there is no real way of knowing how long she has been pregnant. I have attached a couple images, can anyone estimate...
  18. A

    Striped platty?

    Hi everybody. This is my first time having fry. The one pictured is maybe 3-4? weeks old. I assumed they were platy's, but now I'm second guessing because the fry have vertical stripes. Almost looks like someone took a marker to it. Is anyone able to ID this fry? It's not easy getting a clear...
  19. Circus

    LFS, Firemouth Pair

    My lfs had two more of their firemouths pair off and breed. Here is the pic I caught of them. This is the 2nd pair so far from that shipment, the first was sold as a breeding pair and the customer also got all of the fry.
  20. Lgoldman

    Platy inactive and breathing heavily

    One of my female platys has been breathing heavily and staying at the bottom of the tank all day. She ate this morning. I moved her to a smaller tank. The small tank only has two platy fry that will go into my bigger tank soon. All of my other fish are fine. I can’t tell if she is pregnant or...