1. C

    Stocking Angelfish

    I am going to start a new 30 gallon tall fresh water mostly planted tank. I'm planning on fishless cycling once i get my soil and plants in. My stocking ideas are 2 Angelfish, 4 Black Neon Tetra, 5 Cherry Barbs, and 3 Dwarf Sucker fish. I chose those tetras because they are bigger than the...
  2. D34DLY

    Brand New & Boxed Tetra Tec Ex1200 External Filter

    Equipment: Tetra Tec EX1200 External Canister Filter Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Doesn't Fit Inside My Cabinet. :'( Delivery or Collection: Collection Preferable. But Delivery Is Optional If Funds Supplied. Sales price: £100 (What I'd Paid For It) Postage & Packaging: Buyer Will...
  3. W

    Hello From Australia!

    Hello Everyone! My name is James, I am a 16 year old currently attending High School and live in the Hunter Valley region of NSW, Australia. I have had a fascination of fish for as long as I can remember, and decided now would be a good time to start looking at becoming a proud carer of the...
  4. paradiddle

    Urgent Help Needed! Tank Is Waiting For Help!

    Hey im fairly new to the fish keeping hobby, and i just got a steal of a deal from a friend at work, i bought a fully working Fluval Vicenza 260 with stand for just £100. The filter is a Fluval 305 Cannister filter (fully working) The tanks capacity is 248L (which i think is around...
  5. P

    Dalmtion Molly Acting Strange

    Hi, I am not sure if this is an emergency "yet" or not but since we are newbies and I do not want to wait too long or take any chances, I am posting this here. We got a new aquarium last week for our kids and it is barely 10 days now. It is a 5 gallon aquarium and we put only two fish to start...
  6. J

    Is My Sunset Platy Pregnant?

    I think I came to the right place I bought her at pet smart and I'm wondering if she's pregnant or just fat here's my video thank :) I'm new to tropical fish
  7. K

    New To Aquariums Bought A 3 Gallon Tank

    Hi Tropical fish forums, I am new to the aquarium world and was looking for some advice to get started. I have owned a couple of Beta fish before always in a vase like bowl with a peace lilly ontop. I have bought a 3 gallon aquarium (which I know is small) and I wanted some advice on how to...
  8. emfishy

    20 Gallon Tropical Tank Help!

    Hello, I'm sort of new to fish keeping,I've taken care of some fish in the past though.The longest fish I had was a Tiger Oscar Cichlid and a Plecostomus. They both got to big for my 10 gallon tank,so I gave them away. Anyways, I got a 20 gallon long fish tank awhile ago, so I wanted to set it...
  9. Lockhaart

    Random Snail Appeared?!

    I've just gone upstairs and checked on the tank as the light comes on at this time, and saw something weird on the front of the tanks glass. I've gone to look and it's a snail, which isn't unusual, I have snails, one adult Zebra snail that I bought when I first got the tank, and a few of its...
  10. P

    Has My Tank Cycled?

    Hi All, This is my first post here and just really looking for some good advise on my tank and its cycle. Tank info - 200L, planted, 5 statues / ornaments, gravel substrate, Fluval U4 internal filter, Fluval heater, temp 25-26 C, PH 7.5 Im currently doing a fish in cycle. ( i know should have...