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  1. Stefan3289

    Who is this visitor?

    Hello all, I sat today next to my 29 gallon aquarium and noticed near the heater there is a strange intruder. I have never bought a snail, so I’m wondering how he got into my tank? My only guess is when I bought the plants for my aquarium he must have been in one of the pots. Can anyone...
  2. MollyMan1

    Plant Identification

    My dad got this plant from Petsmart and it wasn't listed what type. Anyone know what type it is? Next week I may put in a half root tab next to it. It does have some black algae on it, if anyone know how to remove that I would be thankful. Or if anyone knows what type it is, I think it is Black...
  3. MollyMan1

    Algae Identification

    This black algae has been in my dad's 55 gallon for a long time. Algae doesn't bother him, but for me it does. I was wondering if it is bad for anything. Anyone know what type it is? (I think it may be black beard algae)? What would be the best way to remove it, maybe hydrogen peroxide bath? I...
  4. MollyMan1

    Plant Identification

    My dad has a 36 gallon and 55 galllon tank. In the 36 there is one lonely plant and I have no clue what it is. It is also pretty torn up from cichlids biting it. I am going to ask him to transfer it to the 55 community for a better life. Anyone know what type it is?
  5. joeyr188

    Is it safe to mix api super ich cure with stress-x

    I’ve been trying to figure it out but I can’t find anything about the 2 and if there safe to mix with each other.
  6. joeyr188

    Guppies with ICH!

    i Recently got guppies about 20ish from someone trying to get rid of the babies i decided I would buy a new tank and set it up I put them in a 5gal temporally I decided to move them to big tank with my 3 grown guppies i noticed nothing wrong now my adult guppies have ich im pretty sure I ordered...
  7. MollyMan1

    Pregnant fish questions

    Hello, I haven't been on this forum for quite a bit, mostly due to me being fine with how stuff is. Recently though, one of my dads tank has had a few pregnant fish. Now, we have had pregnant fish in this tank before and we extracted them (babies) and put them in a breeding box and then a even...
  8. Catfishs

    Corry catfish blowing bubbles

    Please help!! I have no idea what is happening I will test the water ang get back to this later. I have kept corrys for at least a year in my 20 gallon this has never happened EVER before. They are in my quantine that I recently did a water change on. I did use water conditioner. The temp is...
  9. Catfishs

    Corry catfish black spot

    I just got albino Corry cat fish from petco. They got a brand new shipment, and within about 4 hours at home 2 of 6 passed away. They seemed healthy and active like the others. They each had two black spots above the eye brow. I would love to know what it could mean. Should I treat the other fish?
  10. K

    Dwarf Gourami Fungus Please Help!

    Hello, I had made a previous post about some injured gourami that had fungus and needed to be treated. Unfortunately I lost 2 of them and my last little guy made it through the salt treatment for about a week and a half. I had started removing the salt through 25% water changes and by now...
  11. A

    Sick Bristlenose Pleco

    I bought a bristlenose Pleco three days ago. I put it in and it seemed fine, just a bit shy. On the first day it wasn’t eating, but it would move around the tank and suction into different walls. That night I measure the pH and it was a bit high, 7.4. I put pH down in it and measure the next day...
  12. K

    Fungus? And is Maracyn safe for Loaches and Snails?

    Hi, I have a 40 gallon freshwater tank with mollies, 3 dwarf gourami, mystery snails, cories, and a few kuhli loaches. I JUST transferred my gourami a few days ago after quarantining them as they're new. However I noticed that 2 of them have a bit of fungus (one on their tail fin and the other...
  13. MollyMan1

    Help! White hair? Growing on molly fish!

    Hello, I have a 20 gallon tank with 4 black mollies and 4 swordtails along with 1 corydora and a chinese algae eater. Here are the water parameters I tested today: ( Wednesday night I added two Jungle Fungus clear tablets to see if that would help the molly, I don't know if this would change the...
  14. K

    Not Sure What my Fish Have and How to Help :((

    I have a few mollies in my main tank & a couple weeks ago I noticed that my white/silver molly had some red right above/kinda in his mouth & sort of between his eyes. I honestly wasn't too sure if it was just the lighting (he kinda changes colors in the sun) or maybe he had fought with one of my...
  15. K

    Sick Black Molly-Help!!

    Hello, I have a black male molly I had bought from PetSmart about 2 months ago who has been swimming sideways and upside down and then has to lay on the ground to rest from overworking himself. He shows the signs of swim bladder disease but I'm not sure how he got it and how to help him :(( the...
  16. E

    Is my fish pregnant?

    Hi guys, I’ve got two platy fish and ones recently developed a bump on its belly. I thought maybe it’a pregnant but as a new fish owner, I wasn’t too sure. I called the Pets at Home store I bought them from for help and they informed me that they indeed may be pregnant and I should check...
  17. Stefan3289

    Springtails are driving me crazy

    So I have been at college and come back home every weekend to clean the tank. I let my mom feed the fish and when I went to clean the tank yesterday, I noticed a food pellet on the glass surrounded by bugs. I realized I have probably close to about 100-200 of these in my tank now and have been...
  18. F

    Cancer / Tumor

    Hi, my butterfly telescope has a white tumor on her back fin. It started off small, and some advised to leave it alone unless it was harming her. So I left it alone for about 4 months, but now I am coming to the sad conclusion that it will not stop growing. I am not sure if it is possible or...
  19. K

    Black Kuhli Loaches- Sick or Stressed? Pls help!

    Hello, I have had 7 orange striped kuhli loaches for a little while now and decided to get 2 black ones from PetSmart to accompany them. After putting them in the tank I noticed that they seemed overly energetic, but its been going on all day to the point they seem erratic and I don't know how...
  20. sgropp311

    Community Tank Turning Yellow and Slowly Dying off

    Hey, so I have a growout tank where I kinda just throw most of my livebearer fry and small angels that I get from the store (i'll describe the tank more below). It's always been super healthy, and normally I've got a betta in there too, just because he gets along with the other fish and I raise...