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Aug 12, 2022
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I just got albino Corry cat fish from petco. They got a brand new shipment, and within about 4 hours at home 2 of 6 passed away. They seemed healthy and active like the others. They each had two black spots above the eye brow. I would love to know what it could mean. Should I treat the other fish?
We need some photos of the fish and your tank. Also, if possible post some information about the water parameters, Thanks
We need photos of the fish, and everything that itiwhetu requested. :)
The fish are dead and I don't have photos the water was perfect. It is a 5 gallon quarantine. Two more without the spots died this morning. Yes, I did use water conditioning
Can we get exact parameters please? A lot of times, we might spot something that you might have accidentally overlooked :)
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We have a number of members well experienced and knowledgeable in various aspects of maintaining an aquarium, including the very difficult topic of disease or "problems" related. To help you, though, they will need a lot of information. I know it is tedious, but if you go to your doctor and say "I'm sick" he is not going to offer any help without knowing a lot of information.

This post by an admin sets out the data we need.
0 ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 7.5 ph
0 nitrates worry me.
Wondering : You ask us a question and then seem to be hesitant to provide any information needed to give an answer.
How do you expect us to do so ?
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You bought sick fish. You don't need to test the water.

The black spots mean nothing.
We can't help if we don't have honest information or no information at all....

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