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  1. Catfishs

    Corry catfish black spot

    I just got albino Corry cat fish from petco. They got a brand new shipment, and within about 4 hours at home 2 of 6 passed away. They seemed healthy and active like the others. They each had two black spots above the eye brow. I would love to know what it could mean. Should I treat the other fish?
  2. Stefan3289

    Reviving the tiger barb group

    So my tiger barb tank diminished from 9 to about 4...( my cories are still all doing great. They’re so cute). I’m planning on adding about 8 more, except I currently don’t have my quarantine tank open since my new parrot convict is in there. Would I be able to add all 8 in at once? I feel like...
  3. J

    Pregnant Platy- Need Advice

    So, I have a pregnant Platy and i’ve separated her into a tank which is quite big so she can give birth. But I don’t know how long that could take, she has a swollen belly and I’m pretty sure the dark spot on either side near her anal fin. But the \__/ shape hasn’t appeared yet I don’t think...