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  1. B

    Ick? Nitrate poisoning? Tumors?

    Hey all, I need help ASAP. I got permission to clean and take care of my boyfriends parents fish tanks. The one I need help with is a 55gal freshwater tropical mixed tank. With angels, Cory's, plecos, tetras, and other fishies I'm not sure what they are, and a snail. Everything has been going...
  2. F

    Unhealthy Old Tank revamp help needed

    Hello, I have personally had a 4 fish tanks started from scratch and learned how to cycle. However I have never had to reverse the process or fix OTS. I inherited a 32 gallon tall fish tank. The owner claimed he never did a water change, and only ever topped off water levels. The substrate is...
  3. Mackamoora


    A couple months ago my sister in law bought a betta, Galaxy, he was doing great always swimming, his fins were great, very active and would eat well. She noticed a white spot that we treated as ick, but I also noticed how horrible the back fin looks and his scales are losing color. Hes a lot...
  4. Mackamoora


    ‼️PLEASE HELP‼️ Hello. I’ve had my betta, Nilou, for about 1.5 years now. About two or more weeks ago I put him in a hospital tank, trying aquarium salt, Melafix, and other remedies to try and cure what I thought to be fin rot. I started noticing signs of illness about half a month before I...
  5. 3

    Found worms?

    I am just setting up a new bristle nose breeding tank and as I was moving wood and plants from my old tank I found these. I have no idea what they are. Are they parasites or unsafe? Are they safe for fish?
  6. Stefan3289

    Heavy breathing, shaking fins, scratching...whats wrong?

    So I currently have a 75 gallon with two severums and two acaras, and I noticed one of the acaras and one of the severums were shaking their fins, the acara was breathing heavy and swatting his body with his fins as if he was scratching. After 15 seconds it stops and then doesnt happen again...
  7. tonitetra

    Red bumps on ADF. PLEASE HELP!

    I have a 37 gallon tank with 2 ADF frogs. My water levels are within normal limits, there is no ammonia and no nitrite. I had 3 but one died and was suffering from red bumps all over its face. It started about a month ago with one bump on his lip and then it progressed to many red irritated...
  8. Stefan3289

    Why does my Fluval 50 just not filter water?

    I noticed today that my fluval 50 just wont push out water. I see the water in the tube, I hear the motor going, but no water. I tried filling up the back, but it drains out (no leak but goes back out I assume through the tube into the tank). I turned it off for now but I don’t know what to do...
  9. R

    Jungle Fungus Clear overdose for betta?!

    Hello, Can anyone please help me? My betta has been struggling for weeks with what I guess is fin or body rot. His top fin is completely gone and it’s eaten into his back. I have tried every medication out there and nothing seems to help! Well, I put him on Jungle Fungus Clear and put in the...