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  1. Freshyfishy

    What I feed, is it the best?

    Hello, I was wondering if my feeding schedule for my fish is the best one. I currently have a 85 gallon aquarium that houses (soon to be more) : - 10 Glofish tetras - 1 swordtail - 1 lyertail - 2 platies - 16 guppies - 1 cory (I know already, and i'm working on getting the $$) - 6 neon tetras...
  2. Catfishs

    Corry catfish black spot

    I just got albino Corry cat fish from petco. They got a brand new shipment, and within about 4 hours at home 2 of 6 passed away. They seemed healthy and active like the others. They each had two black spots above the eye brow. I would love to know what it could mean. Should I treat the other fish?
  3. crupp29

    Stocking Ideas for 29 Gallon Tank

    I recently purchased a 29 gallon tank and wanted to get some community fish once it is finished cycling. The problem is that I’m not sure which fish would work well with each other, the parameters, the tank size, etc. The parameters are 300 ppm hardness, 300 ppm alkalinity, and 8.2 pH. If...
  4. F

    Help with stocking

    So I have had a little tank for around 2 years with 4 fish in and enjoyed it so much , so when we moved I bought a bigger tank 110l and got more fish but I think I may have over done it with the fish thou can u help and see if I have to meany now ?? So here is my list 12 nion tetra 3 danio...
  5. S

    GH, KH, NO2, NO3

    Hello, I'm interested to know if these measurements are good for my fish tank. I might have tested a bit too soon so I will test tomorrow aswell and keep you all updated. Also please link any website below that show what the levels of the water should be! I will attach a picture of the...
  6. S

    Guppy Compapnions

    PLEASE READ!!! Hello, I am soon to become a new owner of 4 guppys in my 10 gallong tank! I'm interested in if anyone knows what other 2 fish I could get that fit the tank and are friendly towards guppys?