Mean boesemani rainbow fish

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Dec 22, 2019
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Pittsburgh, PA
Hello all,

Sorry I have not been very active on the forum as I have been busy with school, but I have not stopped caring and loving my fish. I have posted something similar before, but it looks worse than I thought.

So I have a 75 gallon aquarium with
1 synodontis catfish (featherfin)
1 red spotted severum
1 electric blue Acara
5 polar blue parrot convict cichlids
2 boesemani rainbow fish

My last venture was trying to increase my Rainbowfish school and my tank would be “perfect”, but I have tried to failure. First time I noticed one of them were always nipped the fins of the other ones, and returned him while the female died (had some cyst for about a year before she pasted). This was my initial school of 4. I then again tried to introduce another set of 3 more recently(2 female and 1 male so the total would be 3 males and 2 females), but after a month or two, all of the new ones died. One died I assume because she was not in a healthy condition (died within a week of being introduced) but the other two also then died. I was very confused until again I observed the behavior of the other two originally in the tank (both almost full grown males while the others were about half their size) and noticed one is even aggressive towards the other. My theory is he was bullying the others when I would not notice and it was too late before I caught it, but they are apparently suppose to be peaceful? Any advice on if I should try again with maybe getting ones that are their size (though I can’t find any at my LFS that are) or possibly try introducing another school of fish as the tank is usually quite empty. I also feel bad as they are suppose to be schooling, but don’t play nice when I try to build their school.

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