1. Stefan3289

    PB parrot convict not eating/mouth stuck open

    Hello all, So one of my polar blue parrot convicts has been acting very strange. I first noticed he was not coming up to eat and found him hiding on the floor not moving much and breathing somewhat fast. His mouth looks like it is also stuck open as he cannot close it all the way. Is it...
  2. Stefan3289

    EBA not eating well

    Hello all, I just went to feed my fish in my 75 gallon tank (listed below) 1 red spotted severum 1 Electric blue Acara (EBA) 5 Pb parrot convicts 2 boesemani rainbowfish 1 synodontis catfish I normally first feed the small pellets that the rainbowfish and PBs eat as they cannot fit the larger...
  3. Stefan3289

    Mean boesemani rainbow fish

    Hello all, Sorry I have not been very active on the forum as I have been busy with school, but I have not stopped caring and loving my fish. I have posted something similar before, but it looks worse than I thought. So I have a 75 gallon aquarium with 1 synodontis catfish (featherfin) 1 red...
  4. Stefan3289

    75 gallon additional stock pondering

    Hello all, So my current tank standing is 1 Red spotted severum 1 EBA 1 Synodontis catifsh 3 bosemani Rainbowfish 6 PB parrot convicts (Just picked up two this morning as two disappeared last time I posted, likely died and got cleaned up by my syno) I was wondering, first, would it be possible...
  5. Tttay89

    White lump/growth on African cichlid's lip. Loss of colour and appetite.

    I have a tank of 4 African cichlids. Never had any problems with them in 3 years. One has grown larger than the others and has taken a habit of bullying another which I assume has lead to stress and picked up some kind of infection. I don't think it's ich or it's not cotton looking, just one...
  6. Stefan3289

    75 gallon SA cichlid stocking advice

    Hello all, I made a post a few days ago but go no replies so I’ll try my luck again. So currently I have a 75g (284L) tank that I’ve had for about 3 years now and was wondering if I would be able to add any new additions and what some suggestions would be. Stock 1 synodontis (6”) 1 Red...
  7. Stefan3289

    Additional stocking suggestions for 75g SA cichlid community tank

    Hello all, So currently I have a 75g (284L) tank that I’ve had for about 3 years now and was wondering if I would be able to add any new additions and what some suggestions would be. Stock 1 synodontis (10 years old - 5”) 1 Red spotted severum (5”) 1 Electric blue acara (Full grown - 5”) 5...
  8. Stefan3289

    Breeding pair commotion

    Hello all! I have not been on the forum in a while, but I have not given up my fish hobby! So right before I decided to shut down my 29 gallon tank, I wanted to buy 3 PB convict parrot cichlids to quarantine them in that tank and then add them to my 75 gallon with my two severums, EBA, syno, and...
  9. Stefan3289

    Another issue with swim bladder (maybe hope)

    So I noticed I didn’t see my PB parrot convict out, and when I finally found him, he was trying to swim at the bottom of the tank, but was upside down. I took him out and put him into a quarantine tank I had running and I put him in a breeders net to minimize moving. I tried to give him peas...
  10. Stefan3289

    Angelfish with severums and acaras?

    So I have a 75 gallon with the stock of: 2 severums (1 gold 1 spotted) 2 EBAs (I also have a seperste questjon that I will post about them below) 1 Polar blue parrot convict cichlid (my little jellybean :D ) 1 synodontis (who is almost 9 years old compared to the rest that are 1 year olds)...
  11. Stefan3289

    Pondering 75 gallon addition

    So another one of my acaras past away a few days ago (I believe there was something wrong with his brain as he was behaving very strange, would swim very weirdly, and wouldn't eat). All the other fish are doing great though especially Jellybean, the PB parrot convict I added. He is 2-4 times...
  12. Stefan3289

    Stock for 29 gallon?

    Dimensions are 30” by 12” by 18” (L,D, H) I have 10 cories (might get 2 more) PH: 7 GH 160 ppm (9 DKH) KH: 0 Temp:75-78 for cories. I was thinking of either getting: Kribensis Cichlids (I cant tell if they are bottom or mid dwellers Emperor tetra Black neon I was also told that some...
  13. Stefan3289


    I decided it was time to move my PB parrot convict with the big boys, and as of now, everything seems great. He is starting to come out and with with the others even if he is a 1/5 of the severums size and a 1/3 of the acaras size. However, not once have they chased him. He looks even more...
  14. Stefan3289

    Is this normal?

    So I temporarily have my polar blue parrot cichlid in my 29 where I have my 10 cories. Whenever a Cory comes close to them, he tries to give them a little chase, but they always outrun him and he gives up after a second. He is only about 1.5 inches, while my cories range from juvenile (.5 to...
  15. Stefan3289

    Polar blue parrot convict cichlid!!!

    My fish had arrived today that I ordered and I just wanted to share him. He is currently in my quarantine tank just in case so he doesn’t wipe out my 75 gallon tank. Has anyone had any experience with them or parrot fish in general?
  16. Stefan3289

    75 gallon South American cichlid stock options

    So I currently have: 2 severums (gold and red spotted) 2 acaras (one EBA one blue) 1 synodontis (who is very very old :( I was wondering whatI could add to the tank, considering two of the acaras I had are now gone. The synodontis only has another two years left since he is almost 8 years old...
  17. C

    Video Is this a pair of N. Brichardi?

    I recently bought a brichardi and I'm wondering if this is a pair. I know that it is really hard to tell from this size. If you want more pictures I could take more.
  18. K

    What Are These Fish?

    Hello everyone, thanks for looking at my post, could anyone please tell me what these two fish are? Many thanks,