Placing make guppy in breeder box to give the pregnant female a break


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Jan 5, 2023
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I did have 3 female and 1 male guppy however I went away and two of the female died I am unsure if they were over feed if it’s down to something else . The others seem to be healthy my problem is the tank is in “quarantine “ until I am sure it’s nothing else so don’t want to add any fish in or remove any fish . I have one very boxy pregnant female who is being chased by the male . My other tanks have fry in so can’t put him there. He spends 80% of the time chasing this loner female she’s has palces to his but he finds her in a few minutes . Should I place the make in an isolation box to give her a break ? I don’t want to stress her more than what the make is … other solutions appreciated

If you have a breeding net, you can put the male in that while he's in the quarantine tank. This will reduce the stress on the female.

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