Got a tank with no “identity” ??? I do…

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
This is an antique thick glass 55 gallon… functional, but definitely not pretty… I’ve tried 3-4 different set ups none of which worked out… was kind of thinking I had something going, then had a bad Ich outbreak, and by the time I could call the tank Ich free, I had lost more than half of the fish… I really liked the Rainbow fish that had been in from the beginning, lost several during Ich, also lost a whole species to some sort of Rainbow fish disease… right now I have a male Madagascar Rainbow, and 2 females, and 3 of the orange and blue Rainbow’s, boesemani
juvenile, no idea of sex… and a handful of assorted platy’s… I just recently added a small group of Clown Loaches, and they are doing really well… I read somewhere, that Clown Loaches, and Rainbows, make good tank mates… I’m thinking of adding a couple more Clowns, and a few more Rainbow’s, now that I have a better idea of where to get healthy ones… this tank started with House softened water, and has now made the transition to “rock hard” well water… and now has a dozen terrestrial vines growing out of the tank… fingers crossed, this tank continues to develop…

So do you have a tank, with no current “identity”???
Clown loaches come from soft water.

Some rainbowfish come from soft water but lots come from hard water. I prefer to keep captive bred rainbows in water with a pH above 7.0 and a GH around 200ppm.

Rainbowfish need lots of plant matter in their diet and at least half their diet should be plant based.

Rainbowfish have problems with Fish Tuberculosis (Fish TB). Some species are more commonly found with it. It comes from the breeders and you can't tell if the fish have it until it shows symptoms, then it dies a day later. The most common symptoms in rainbowfish with Fish TB are: stop eating, bloat up overnight, do a stringy white poop, sit under the surface or near a filter outlet gasping, die within 24 hours of showing these symptoms.

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