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  1. Catfishs

    Corry catfish black spot

    I just got albino Corry cat fish from petco. They got a brand new shipment, and within about 4 hours at home 2 of 6 passed away. They seemed healthy and active like the others. They each had two black spots above the eye brow. I would love to know what it could mean. Should I treat the other fish?
  2. J

    Corydora tank stocking?

    Hello, I have a 75 litre (20 gallon) aquarium with only 3 livebearers in it currently. The tank has been running for over 2 years but I have had it under stocked for the past 6 month's. I am getting some corydoras this afternoon and I know they like being in large groups, so my question is can I...
  3. BIG_AL

    Ornament Turned my Pleco's Poo Blue!! :/

    Hi there, I've just recently encountered a minor issue which I thought I would try dropping by people here for any opinions. I recently added a new small ornament to my fairly small tropical tank. This ornament is blue coloured and a couple of days after I had placed it in my tank I spotted...