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Jun 3, 2022
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Virginia, USA
Hello, I haven't been on this forum for quite a bit, mostly due to me being fine with how stuff is. Recently though, one of my dads tank has had a few pregnant fish. Now, we have had pregnant fish in this tank before and we extracted them (babies) and put them in a breeding box and then a even bigger tank (still small) and within a day or two they all died. This was most likely due to the tank only being up for like a day, even though it had water from the breeding tank and the main tank (water runs from that into the breeding tank). I do like watching baby fish grow up and I have realized I want to try again. Currently, in the tank (55 gallon community) there are 3 pregnant fish. These include a Golden Panda Lyretail Molly (massive), which we got from a trusted petco (hard to find even one dead fish). She is giant! They got her from someone who had her for a long time and we decided to get her (only $2.50! two days ago). She had babies in the tank (at petco) and they were healthy. She is still pregnant. The second fish is a Mickey Mouse platy, I think. I just noticed she is pregnant, but the only weird thing is that there are no others platy's in the tank. I am not sure if female fish can get pregnant without a male or if other types of fish can breed. I also don't know if they are fertile or if I am completely wrong. The third fish is a Tuxedo swordtail, which was transferred from a 20 gallon tank a while back, along with three other males. I can kinda see eggs in her belly and I'm almost sure she is pregnant. In conclusion, I am sure the molly is pregnant, the platy not really sure, and the swordfish pretty sure. We do have two breeding boxes (0.3 gallons) which we could put two pregnant fish in, until they have babies. The breeding boxes are fluval. The questions for me is which are pregnant? and how would i know when they would have babies or to put them in the breeding boxes? We did recently purchase a aqueon 6 gallon frameless and 14 gallon frameless, which we could grow them out in after the breeding boxes. We do have smaller tanks we could also use. I am going to attach pictures of each fish and a picture of the tank. Sorry if they are bad and if you need better ones I can try, but I am bad at taking pictures. I have done fish keeping for almost a year, but I could still definitely use knowledge on pregnant fish. Thank you.


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Ive seen mentioned on here some female live bearers can hold the sperm for up to a year with no male
I bought platies and swordtails then learned they can potentially mate but how readily they will is yet to be seen

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