I need help!! bettas eyes seem strange !

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Sep 2, 2023
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I recently got a white platinum betta fish (unnamed) and I’ve recently noticed there’s something wrong with his eyes. I’ve noticed that he’s ”bumped” into the tank glass a lot and that he is unresponsive to my finger tapping on the glass. I’ve done some research and I think it could be cloud eyes or possibly diamond eyes.

- my betta seems to be “blind” or unresponsive when he looks at me from one side of his eyes but the other eye seems like he can see.
-when I give him food he eats it then spits it out , which is weird because the food is small enough for him to eat (I have another betta and he eats it just fine)or maybe he doesn’t like it.

maybe he is just nervous or stressed but I do want to see if his eyes are okay. if you guys know anything please let me know, I want to make sure my betta lives a good life! help is highly appreciated!!

I have linked some photos so you guys can take a look at :). I chose the best ones that show more detail.


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Probably dragonscale. It's a genetic defect caused by inbreeding. The fish will go blind, assuming it isn't already. However, if you feed him in the same spot each day and wiggle your finger about first to get his attention, there is no reason he can't live for a bit longer. Just keep the tank ornaments the same and don't have anything that can tangle him up.

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