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  1. SushiRollsAquabuds

    I need help!! bettas eyes seem strange !

    I recently got a white platinum betta fish (unnamed) and I’ve recently noticed there’s something wrong with his eyes. I’ve noticed that he’s ”bumped” into the tank glass a lot and that he is unresponsive to my finger tapping on the glass. I’ve done some research and I think it could be cloud...
  2. BleuTheBetta

    Good deal on tank?

    I was searching for a 5 - 10 gallon tank to up size my betta into (he is currently in a 2.5.) I found a great tank on a local website that I know to be trusted. This tank is for sale for $30. I have $50 to spend, I would get more cartilage for this tank and cycle it properly before putting Bleu...
  3. BleuTheBetta

    Hello! I'm Bree.

    Hey guys! I am Bree. I came to learn more about my fish keeping hobby. I am very new to the hobby, only around 3 weeks in to having my first fish. My current tank is a 2.5 gallon tank, with silk plants and a mix of gravel / white fake marble rock as my base. My fish is a betta named Bleu. He is...
  4. F

    My Crowtail Plaket's dorsal fins turning white (its not Ich and my betta isnt a marble)

    Hey guys.. So my betta is kept in a round bottle (5 litres) ...dont judge me most breeder here do that..my betta is 2 months old. The tank has enough plants mostly frogbit and salvania and also the water contains indian almonds leaves. Everything was okay..my betta is very active and has grown a...
  5. D

    My betta won’t eat anything, Please help!

    hello, I’m a beginner betta fishkeeper. The betta I have has been with me for almost 7 months but the problem just started recently. My betta suddenly stopped eating his pellets (at best he would only eat one) which led me to think that he grew tired of it so I tried getting other food such as...
  6. Mackamoora


    A couple months ago my sister in law bought a betta, Galaxy, he was doing great always swimming, his fins were great, very active and would eat well. She noticed a white spot that we treated as ick, but I also noticed how horrible the back fin looks and his scales are losing color. Hes a lot...
  7. sgropp311

    Community Tank Turning Yellow and Slowly Dying off

    Hey, so I have a growout tank where I kinda just throw most of my livebearer fry and small angels that I get from the store (i'll describe the tank more below). It's always been super healthy, and normally I've got a betta in there too, just because he gets along with the other fish and I raise...
  8. S


    I have bought this betta yesterday from the shop which i usually go...in the shop...this betta was active and responded when i put my finger in the water and looked healthy....after i bought him home and put him in my 70L tank...well planted with a lot of hiding spots....the betta seemed to stay...
  9. jessicarf00

    betta ich? - might be resolved ?

    just tonight i noticed a speck on my betta that i assume is ich. i normally wouldn’t be so freaked out but i leave for a 6 day vacation on thursday so i know i can’t do much between now and then. i have somebody lined up to feed him but i have no medications and i can’t rely on this person to...
  10. Mackamoora


    ‼️PLEASE HELP‼️ Hello. I’ve had my betta, Nilou, for about 1.5 years now. About two or more weeks ago I put him in a hospital tank, trying aquarium salt, Melafix, and other remedies to try and cure what I thought to be fin rot. I started noticing signs of illness about half a month before I...
  11. JackieP

    Does my betta have dropsy??

    So I’ve posted a thread about this a week ago. I thought it was bloating or constipation and I fasted her for three days and started feeding her less and it just seems like it’s gotten worse. She used to swim around so much and now she just kinda floats near the top. I’m scared it’s dropsy but...
  12. JackieP

    Does my betta fish look bloated?

    I feel like I’ve seen her skinnier than this. I think she might be constipated but I’m not sure. I tested my water everything’s fine. I fasted her for a day but I see like no change. I feed her four pellets a day during the week and frozen blood worms on the weekend. Please help thanks.
  13. B

    fin rot wont go away

    this is my first betta ive gotten. a couple weeks after i got him, i was unable to go to the house with the fish because it was contaminated with covid. when i got back, my fish had fin rot. this was around the beginning of the year. i immediately did a full tank clean, took out sharp decor, and...
  14. JesskaSky

    Help! Is this fin rot? or fin nipping?

    Hi there! First post here, unfortunately has to be about my beloved betta ): I'm leaning more towards this being fin nipping so if that's the case what are some good tips on repairing? I have had two mollies in with my betta (both are now sitting in my fry saver till I can rehome) in my...
  15. K

    what do i do???

    Hi, I have a platinum white half moon betta. I’ve had him for over two years so he is pretty old. He lives in a 10 gallon aquarium but I just recently moved him to a 5.5 quarentine tank due to his fin rot. I read somewhere that elderly bettas can get chronic fin rot and never get better. I...
  16. JackieP

    What tank heater should I buy?

    I’ve had my fish tank since August and I’ve been able to avoid getting a heater since I live in Florida. Now it’s going to start getting in the 50s and I really don’t want my water to get cold. I have a 5.5 gallon tank for my betta fish. What heater should I buy? I’m scared because a lot of...
  17. JackieP

    Is this fin rot?? Or something else? PLEASE HELP.

    Ok so I’ve been on here already because my betta fish has some tears in her fins and I’m trying to figure out why. But look at these pictures of before and after. That’s how her fins looked month ago and that’s how they look now. Like doesn’t that look like fin rot or something? They look like...
  18. bayaan.bawab

    Fin Biting? aggravated Betta Fish?

    Hey guys, uhhhh so I kinda have an emergency, When I went to feed my betta this morning I noticed something blue in his mouth he dropped it when he came to eat but I think it might have been his tail. He was fine in the morning but now he is getting mad at me, i dont know why he's flaring at me...
  19. P

    Emergency question

  20. JackieP

    Bettas fin ripped what should I do? Please help!

    Hello I think my betta might’ve accidentally ripped her fin. She likes to push herself between the plants in my tank and I wonder if she might’ve injured her fin doing that. Should I just leave it alone? Thanks :)