1. SushiRollsAquabuds

    I need help!! bettas eyes seem strange !

    I recently got a white platinum betta fish (unnamed) and I’ve recently noticed there’s something wrong with his eyes. I’ve noticed that he’s ”bumped” into the tank glass a lot and that he is unresponsive to my finger tapping on the glass. I’ve done some research and I think it could be cloud...
  2. BleuTheBetta

    Hello! I'm Bree.

    Hey guys! I am Bree. I came to learn more about my fish keeping hobby. I am very new to the hobby, only around 3 weeks in to having my first fish. My current tank is a 2.5 gallon tank, with silk plants and a mix of gravel / white fake marble rock as my base. My fish is a betta named Bleu. He is...
  3. S


    I have bought this betta yesterday from the shop which i usually go...in the shop...this betta was active and responded when i put my finger in the water and looked healthy....after i bought him home and put him in my 70L tank...well planted with a lot of hiding spots....the betta seemed to stay...
  4. SwagmasterGengar


    Hi! It's a pleasure to meet all of you 🥰 My name's Heather, and I'm sorta new to the whole fishkeeping thing. I've been doing it for about 6/7 years, and I'll admit I didn't always do so well (I was never informed on proper tank sizes or anything 😓). I currently have a sailfin Pleco named...
  5. M

    Hello, a newbie has landed

    Hi I have lurked a little so thought i'd come up for air, labyrinth style! I have a 60 litre nano tank, a Dennerle I think. No fish yet. I'm deciding on fish while the tank cycles but am drawn towards a little sunshine gourami and a few tank mates. I'm still researching really. I have planted...