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  1. JackieP

    Nevermind lol

  2. JackieP

    Does my betta fish look bloated?

    I feel like I’ve seen her skinnier than this. I think she might be constipated but I’m not sure. I tested my water everything’s fine. I fasted her for a day but I see like no change. I feed her four pellets a day during the week and frozen blood worms on the weekend. Please help thanks.
  3. C

    Cloudy eye

    Hi there I have a sick molly which has got cloudy eyes, I recently bought the tank two weeks ago and had to take the fish along with it. The white lyretail molly always has acted strange like laying at the bottom of the tank then all of a sudden just getting up and swimming about. I noticed 2...
  4. Keels

    Popeye treatment

    My Betta (Mr. Dolphin), has unfortunately developed a popeye - reason unknown, but most likely infection of some sort. One of his eyes 3 times it's size, and half of his face is pineconed. Water parameters are fine and he usually resides in a 15g planted tank with red cherry shrimps and snails...
  5. JackieP

    Betta acting weird and breathing weird please help!

    I took a video but it won’t let me upload it. Well basically my betta will just sit there like this randomly and take like big breaths in and out. Like not fast but just big. She did this for two minutes straight until she started swimming again. I don’t have any ammonia or nitrites just a...
  6. Y

    Is this pop eye ? Help me help my fish please :(

    This got bad fast.... It started with the white betta getting couldy eyes, then the other followed. I've tried melafix for a few days but no result. Am i treating for the wrong condition? I care about theese fish so its time to ask someone what to do... im afraid of making it worse