1. Deepatlantis

    When Do Guppy Fry Reach Breeding Age?

    Hi, I've tried searching the forum but can't find the answer, I apologise if I've overlooked it. Can anyone tell me at what age to separate my guppy fry boys and girls? I'm planning on keeping any really nice ones, but most are going off to my LFS and I don't want the girls to all be knocked up...
  2. Deepatlantis

    Please Drop Already!

    I have a guppy who is heavily pregnant. I've had her three weeks and I guessed she was about two weeks pregnant when I got her. She's been squared off since last Weds and last night she was guarding the area under the bridge so I thought she might drop, but this morning still nothing. I'm...
  3. 214jay

    Help! I Have Cpd Babies! What Do I Do?

    Hello.  Its all happening with me at the moment, as one tank is losing fish my 2nd tank is gaining.   I have some Celestial Pearl Danios in a tank on my office desk that is a couple of weeks old (plus 2 months fishless cycle).  I was looking into the tank and somehow noticed a fry on the glass...
  4. Liv15

    Is Guppy Fry Sufficient Live Food?

    So I have 4 male guppies in my tank and I was thinking that I could get a few females which would then breed and have babies. I would leave them in the community tank to do this because I thought it would be a good way of providing live food for the other fish? So will this work and would the...
  5. jessithebuckeye

    Hello From Florida's Space Coast!

    Hello hello!   My name is Jessi and I am 24 years old. I live in Florida and am relatively new here to aquarium "life" in a more "dedicated" form of the word!   A little over a year ago I got a little Betta and named him Neil. He had a regular bowl with no filter. After a little while, I got him...
  6. MrsEspoNYC7

    Look Who Moved In!

    sooooooo  excited my very first baby.  there are two in my tank and I love them sorry for the crappy pic
  7. Deepatlantis

    Where Did Babies Come From?

    I'm really confused, there are a few fry in my tank this morning, but none of my pregnant fish looked ready to give birth and they all still look pregnant? What's going on? I've spotted about five fry, and I don't know if they are guppy or can I tell?
  8. DHJac

    Survival Of The Fittest

    I'm about 4 weeks in to a new 110g tank that will be brackish but I started off with a couple of mollies to cycle it.  I was out of town for a couple of days about a week into it and when I came back, one of the mollies had given birth and there were a bunch of fry swimming around the tank.  I...
  9. MrsEspoNYC7

    Floating Plants

    Hi I'm having a few problems with my tank, and I'm hoping for some advice....this isn't going to seem like a plant question but just bear with my rambling and read it to the end. Lol thanks I have a 29 gallon cube tank with a few black skirt tetras, one blue dwarf gourami, two pairs of guppies...
  10. O

    Help Needed. How To Move Parents And Fry To A New Tank

    Hi I'm in need of help. I have a pair of green terrors who are first parents. I have around 100 free swimming fry. All in a small pile in the bottom of a tank with mum and dad. I want to move them into a different tank but don't know how. Do I move the parents or fry first? Shall I net...
  11. O

    Moving Parents And Fry

    Hi Can anyone help me. I have a pair of first time parent green terrors. The fry are just starting to be free swimming. I want to move them to another tank but I'm not sure what is the best thing to do. Move parents first? Or the fry? Is it safe to do? Any tips appreciated as I am a...
  12. Voxcharm

    How Do I Care For My Molly Fry?

    So I have my first batch of molly fry,   they were born while I was away, most probably on sunday (2 days ago) and I came back to find them.   Managed to find 5  and transferred into a floating fry trap. No idea how many were born, although the molly mummy I suspect is quite a young one who's...
  13. yazmindahenn

    My Platy Had Babies, But She Is Only 3 Months Old?

    hi there, my platy had babies but she is only 3 months old? is this okay?   I have a video of her having one of them, I don't know if she's too young? any help?  
  14. N

    Is This Fish Fry?

    Hi new to this site but have kept tropical fish for a few years and never seen fry before. Is this fry that is on the pic? I have just been away for 3 weeks and while I was away my girlfriend told me that one of the gourmais looked extremely fat. Unfortunately this gourami died a few days...
  15. R

    Blue Eggs

    Hi all,   Had my tank populated for about 3 weeks now and did a 40% water change this morning. Just checked out the tank and I've spotted a cluster of about 30 blue dots on one of the pieces of wood. I presume these are eggs, but I have no idea who they belong to. They're quite exposed and all...
  16. CJH0825

    Kribensis Fry

    I just looked in my Kribensis tank and have apprx 30 fry!! :) Question is, Should I remove the male or female from the tank or keep them in there? First time with Krib fry.
  17. Talfox

    I Have Fry! I Wonder Who The Parents Are.

    So This is honestly the first time I've hatched any sort of fish egg or bred egg laying fish. I have seven cory catfish in one of my tanks of three different colors, I found some eggs glued to the side of the tank and scraped them off to save them as my female bettas had eaten most of them...