1. Voxcharm

    How Do I Care For My Molly Fry?

    So I have my first batch of molly fry,   they were born while I was away, most probably on sunday (2 days ago) and I came back to find them.   Managed to find 5  and transferred into a floating fry trap. No idea how many were born, although the molly mummy I suspect is quite a young one who's...
  2. yazmindahenn

    My Platy Had Babies, But She Is Only 3 Months Old?

    hi there, my platy had babies but she is only 3 months old? is this okay?   I have a video of her having one of them, I don't know if she's too young? any help?  
  3. N

    Is This Fish Fry?

    Hi new to this site but have kept tropical fish for a few years and never seen fry before. Is this fry that is on the pic? I have just been away for 3 weeks and while I was away my girlfriend told me that one of the gourmais looked extremely fat. Unfortunately this gourami died a few days...
  4. R

    Blue Eggs

    Hi all,   Had my tank populated for about 3 weeks now and did a 40% water change this morning. Just checked out the tank and I've spotted a cluster of about 30 blue dots on one of the pieces of wood. I presume these are eggs, but I have no idea who they belong to. They're quite exposed and all...
  5. CJH0825

    Kribensis Fry

    I just looked in my Kribensis tank and have apprx 30 fry!! :) Question is, Should I remove the male or female from the tank or keep them in there? First time with Krib fry.
  6. Talfox

    I Have Fry! I Wonder Who The Parents Are.

    So This is honestly the first time I've hatched any sort of fish egg or bred egg laying fish. I have seven cory catfish in one of my tanks of three different colors, I found some eggs glued to the side of the tank and scraped them off to save them as my female bettas had eaten most of them...
  7. FishMamas

    Mollie Mom Freaking Since Fry Birth

    HELP! My most outgoing, happy and person friendly fish, a female platinum Balloon Mollie (who regularly lets me hand feed her) had a 360 degree personality and behavior switch since giving birth to 5 fry about 2 weeks ago.  She was the most outgoing fish in my tank and dominated even over my...
  8. W

    What Is This

    hi   i have recently started breeding my platy,molly and guppies, and today when cleaning out a breeding chanber i noticed something that i do not recognise as asn fry i have has before, its about 1.5 cm very flat headed at front and the tail section looks frayed almost rope like, any ideas   i...
  9. SamB

    What Do You Do With Your Fry?

    I may be getting some fish that will definitely be getting it on and producing some babies..   The question is.. What then? The fish are aggressive and cannot all live together.. what do you do with your fry?
  10. Z

    Dalmation Molly Birthing

    hi i got a set of dalmation mollies that have given birth twice. my fiance and i are looking into keeping a few more alive this go round since the first 2 didnt really have many left (1st had 5 second had 3) we bought the lee's birthing tank and i noticed that online they say she cant really...
  11. C

    I've Had Fish (Platies) For 1 Week, Now One's Having Fry!

    Kinda panicking a bit right now.....   Okay, so I got my daughter some fish for her birthday last weekend. This is something new; I haven't had fish since I was 3 (very faint memory triggered by the smell of fish food...but I digress).   We have a 3 gallon tank with a nice sized filter, and we...
  12. MissKaylakay93

    Unknown Fry - Help Identify

    Today, I was gazing into my 36 gallon, and I saw something odd - fry! (I think.)   I saw several fry- type swimming things. They were shaped like the livebearer's fry, but they are TINY! I mean 2 millimeters tiny. I could see eyes, and a spine, but other than that they were completely clear...
  13. Jessman

    Slow Growing Fry

    Hi everyone, I have 6 fry, 5 guppy and 1 platy.   i had 5 live guppy fry (the ones i caught) 3 weeks ago,  3 were very healthy, 2 had deformities i keep them in a 2.5gall, i suppose its ok for now as i only have 5 fry in it at the mo, i kept the deformed ones in the tank for two weeks but last...
  14. J

    Pregnant Platies

    Hey guys, I believe two of my plates are pregnant. Both are female. I have 4 females and one male. And yeah I was expecting this to happen so luckily I had 50L second tank on hand. I have put them in a tank together. They aren't social with each other they both seem to keep to themselves which...
  15. Imogen

    Will Guppy Fry Eat Cory Eggs?

    So, either my Lasers, Bronze or Panda cories have spawned but i have nowhere to put the eggs except in the breeders net .However I already have one, 1 week old Guppy fry in the breeders net atm. Will the guppy fry eat the eggs?? Or the Cory fry when they hatch?? Cheers, Imogen. 
  16. Jessman

    Is My Guppy Fry Pregnant?

    Just over a week ago i bought a couple more platys and guppies. on the way home i found a guppy fry hiding in the corner of the bag (must of snuck in the net with one of the others!!) anyway the fry has a gravid spot, ive heard that a gravid spot doesnt always mean that they are pregnant, and...
  17. P

    Pregnant Sunburst Platy?

    We have a 5 gal tank for our son with 2 females and the 1 male we had died unexpectedly about a week after getting the females. That was a month or so ago. A few days ago I saw a baby fry in the tank and quickly pulled him and separated him. He is cute and happy...I'm assuming only one mom had...