Dalmation Molly Birthing


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May 28, 2013
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hi i got a set of dalmation mollies that have given birth twice. my fiance and i are looking into keeping a few more alive this go round since the first 2 didnt really have many left (1st had 5 second had 3) we bought the lee's birthing tank and i noticed that online they say she cant really stay in there for longer than 24 hours. is there a way that i can catch her right before the birthing process so i dont lose to many fry. its really hard to see the birthing tube cuz her stomach is white and i have a red female that also has a white birthing tube object sticking out but her mate has been dead for 2 months now. im thinking the male dalmation has been doin more than just swimming if u know wat i mean. if yall need photos i can post some at a later time but i would appreciate any and all information on how to catch her before the birthing process.
plz and thank you
A day or so before she give birth, her belly will be squared off (it will be kind of square-shaped). When she looks like she is about to explode, put her in the birthing tank. Oh, and livebearers can store sperm for about 6 months or more, so she could give birth a few more times without the presence of a male. Also, mollies can cross breed within the different species of molly, so your dalmation male could have bred with your red female.
Hope I helped some :)
Update: I came home from work this morning and noticed my prego molly hiding near The temp gauge and was moving slow. Into further inspection I found wat looked like a new baby in the tank but it was the only one. I proceeded to place the female in the tank without taking her out the water and she started to stress. No physical harm but obviously in need of the companionship with the male. Would putting both in there reduce that stress or should I keep them seperated. So far no fry in the breeding tank. Will check again in a few hours
I wouldn't advise putting the male in, as he'll chase her and stress her out more.  Plus he might get hungry and snack on any fry she has.  
I sometimes would put a blanket over the birthing tank when the female was having her fry and I think it helped her calm down.  
Hope you get some little guys soon!  (You can use a rolling pin and crush up some flakes in a bag for food for any fry you get.)
well i didnt have any fry in the breeding tank and it seems i cant find the one i saw this morning. let her back out the breeding tank to play with her mate probly gonna watch again tomoro morning
They can hold onto their fry for a few days if they're not happy, which can often happen in breeding traps.
You would, in all honesty, be far better off getting loads and loads of hiding places in the main tank (fine leaved plants, like cabomba, elodea and Java moss are good) and leaving the female in there.
If you have enough hiding places, you'll have plenty of fry survive :)
I have a large fake tree and a volcano that is a nice size. Can hide there but not all that great. Plan on getting live plants soon
yea some moss and other plants would be very helpful because then the fry will be able to hide and get away from the other fish until big enough and also if the moss is floating it will help too because the fry will be able to hide in there and get to the flake food easy enough.

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