1. carligraceee

    Flashing in my female molly?

    I recently found out that Watson is now Emma... lol but I have always noticed some flashing from her every now and then. It wasn’t consistent, it doesn’t happen every day. Maybe two times a week but i just want to know if she is showing off or not. I use AQAdvisor stocking calculator, I’ve...
  2. carligraceee

    Aggressive mollies and now I’m stressed

    Okay so I’ve always known mollies tend to be aggressive. Especially the males. But I have been able to fix this situation in the past and wanted help sexing my mollies! If they are males, then i have too many males and i need to replace two of them with females (i have one female molly and one...
  3. S

    HELP PLEASE. Fish staying at surface.

    Hi all. I’m new to the fish keeping hobby, I’m from uk. We bought a 40L tank from a pet shop, cleaned tank, gravel and plastic plants etc, installed filter and heater set at (25 degrees Celsius)that came with the tank, filled tank to the water level marked on the filter, we added tapsafe and...
  4. G

    Sudden Molly deaths!

    Hi all i recently just got my first tank in September. I had comets in it for the longest time. About a month ago I added 6 mollies And 3 corys. on the 26th I removed the comets (as they were too large) and I’ve had 2 mollies die on me! I also added some more water as the water was getting low...
  5. A


    EDIT!!!! Update!!!! MOLLY HAD BABIES ABOUT 3 HOURS AFTER POSTED. HERES PICS. My molly is pregnant and about to pop I just don’t know what I’m doing and need help lol. Here she is. Idk how long she’s been pregnant all I know is she’s about to give birth maybe. The male is freaking out hanging...
  6. carligraceee

    Pea puffers with mollies???

    Hey all! PSA: If you follow my threads you know I have a water issue right now so know I am NOT getting new fish until this gets sorted out. However, for when I can introduce new fish to my tank, I want to know which would go well with my remaining two mollies and a platy. I looked up Pea...
  7. carligraceee

    Bent spine in my Platy fry :( (that rhymes, it was unintentional)

    Hey guys! So I have been raising three baby platys for awhile now. I think they reached a month old a couple days ago. However, one died a day ago and when I looked closely at his body to find anything abnormal, I saw he had taken on a sort of krill shape (almost like a boomerang). I then looked...
  8. G

    Molly Behavior and Feeding Issue

    For context, I have a 30 gal tank with Current Satellite LEDs, moderately planted with gravel bottom, mostly hornwart, water sprite, swords and java ferns, lots of driftwood, with 15 cardinals, 8 pygmy corys and 5 cherry shrimp. I have two female lyretail mollies and one black sailfin male...
  9. Falconwithaboxon


    Okay guys this might be a weird question but do fish get sad when one of their tank mates dies? I noticed that, about a month ago when one of my mollies died, the other mollies in my tank were not as active for a few days. I assumed it was sickness but they didn't show any symptoms except the...
  10. Falconwithaboxon


    So I have way over stocked my tank and I'm looking to get a new one. I have 2 angelfish, 3 dwarf gourami, 2 mollies, 4 platies, 10 neon tetras, 4 cories, 4 algae eaters, 4 danios, and 3 snails. I had 20 ghost shrimp but I'm pretty sure they got ate by my other fish as there's no bodies from...
  11. J

    Does my Molly look pregnant?

    Hi, Looking for some help if possible. One of my mollies looks huge compared to the others. Do you think she's pregnant or just well fed?! We have moved her into a hatchery as we aren't sure if she's ready to drop or pop. Any advice greatly appreciated! Jamie
  12. C

    Pregnant orange molly fish, black fry?

    Hi, First post on here so apologies if I've done anything wrong... So, I have 4 female Mollies in my tank. The orange Molly is the one who is more obviously pregnant but the fry are black - is this normal or is there a chance that 1 of the other mollies has given birth to them? Another thing...
  13. L

    Mollg pregnancy

    Any idea how long till she goves birth
  14. S

    How to raise GH without PH getting too alkaline.

    I'm keeping livebearers: platy, molly, guppies. The platy and guppy do ok, but the molly's always have issues. I lose fish every now and again to common livebearer diseases. My tank parameters have always been good. I use an Api kit. Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 5-10, Ph 7.8, temp 78. Water...
  15. K

    Baby fry...need advice!

    Hi all! My mickey mouse platy has birthed her fry this morning. I could probably see around 15 to 20 fry in the birthing net, and wasn't sure she was done yet. I've come to check on her progress and I think I only see about 10 maybe less? So I was worried she was eating them so I've popped her...
  16. O

    Fry Identification Guppy or Molly

    Hi one of my fish in my community tank recently gave birth to some fry. But currently I have two types of livebearers in the tank and I wasnt awake when the fish gave birth. Down below are the pictures. I have a few guppies and three Dalmatian Mollys and currently the fry are in a breeder box...
  17. FishFry420

    Pooping Black Molly

    Hi Everyone. I just got a male black molly earlier today and it is pooping so much, Im a beginner at owning a fishtank but I have the basic setup 20 g tank, filter, heater, decor. I have had the tank and 4 other fish for about two weeks now and got three more today (the black molly and two...
  18. T

    Dead Molly

    Hi, I woke up today to find one of my Mollies dead. Over the past two days this molly has seemed lethargic, just sitting at the bottom of the tank although he would still swim around and eat at feeding time. I am really at a loss to say why he died and am worried that it could be something...
  19. K

    What's up with my molly?

    Can anyone suggest what might be up with my dalmatian molly? She has been lying down here like this pretty much all day. Did come up to feed. Other fish in tank fine. Water parameters normal.
  20. brokenoob!

    Molly not giving Birth after 5.5 weeks?

    Hey everybody! I've had my Molly Pearl for a while now, she gave birth to her first brood (with me anyways) about 2 months ago, delivery was quick and she returned to being a happy little fish! 2-3 Weeks after the first pregnancy I noticed she was getting bigger again--That was 5 1/2 weeks ago...