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  1. P

    Black Molly stuck in labor?

    I have a black Molly fish that gave birth to only one fish last week. I am home all day and have been keeping an eye on her and I haven't seen any other fry. She is acting the same as she was right before she went into labor. She's either wagging her tail fast near the heater or swimming around...
  2. C

    Is our Platy giving birth? What is happening??

    We have a VERY pregnant platy. We are new to this. Our pregnant platy has been passing a few strings with these big white balls attached. Does this mean she’s in labor?? Should we use a birthing box or no?
  3. L

    My molly is giving birth

    Hi all, I woke up this morning and my molly had given birth to a fry which is surprising as I know my guppy is due to give birth but had no idea about my molly anyway she had the one then about an hour later I saw another one however I don't know if she's had anymore before after or inbetween...
  4. F

    Pregnant Platy, not sure how to make her birth as smooth as possible??

    I honestly though that my Platy was just chunky. Well I was looking at her today and notice the little orange eggs forming towards her pectoral fin. I think she is pregnant?? I've been searching all over the internet to figure out what I should do with her and I am getting mixed answers so I am...
  5. B

    Please help! Platy will not give birth!

    Hello, I have had this mickey mouse platy for over a month and I bought her pregnant from the pet store (unbeknownst to me at the time). My roommate and I REALLY noticed how pregnant she looked Monday of last week. We have since went out and bought another 10 gallon tank to keep her in until...
  6. N

    My Molly is very pregnant but hasn't given birth, is there any way to induce labor?

    my molly has not given birth yet but she has the gravid spot and has boxed out, sh has nesting habits, and gets the shakes, yet still no fry. I'm worried something may be wrong. Is there any way to induce labor?
  7. Z

    Dalmation Molly Birthing

    hi i got a set of dalmation mollies that have given birth twice. my fiance and i are looking into keeping a few more alive this go round since the first 2 didnt really have many left (1st had 5 second had 3) we bought the lee's birthing tank and i noticed that online they say she cant really...