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  1. monahan95

    Cheap Aquarium

    Anyone know any good websites or stores where i could find a reasonably priced fish tank? I'm only looking for something around 50-80lt. My budget is only around £130, ideally even a little lower than that as i will still need to buy gravel and plants etc. If anyone could link me to a few or...
  2. monahan95

    Why Has My Plant Gone Like This?

    I recently purchased this plant from my local fish store, when I got the plant it was in beautiful condition with nice green leaves, however, over the course of 4 days it now looks like this (the picture attached) can anyone tell me why this might be? I have noticed my pleco taking a keen...
  3. P

    Filter For New 150L Aquarium

    I am currently setting up a new 150l aquarium and am trying to decide whether to buy an eheim classic 2213 canister filter or an aqua one 104f internal filter; if anyone knows anything about these could you let me know what is best and why? thanks.
  4. FurFinFeathers

    Betta Tank Upgrade Tips?

    I'm going to update my three male betta fish to a divided ten gallon, but i have a few questions. If i get two dividers from Petsmart, they dont have holes, so i assume I'd need a sponge filter for each section? If I make them myself, I could make them with holes in them so i would only need one...
  5. Tropical_Dave

    Lighting For Planted Tanks

    so im wondering what the best kind of lighting i should get for my planted tank which i should hopefully be setting up in 2 weeks or so. should i go for the regular kind of lights, is t5 or t8 best? what wattage works better? or maybe L.E.D's are best? all help is much appreciated :)
  6. ag-au

    Urgent, 10G Cracked, Questions!

    Hey guys,  Well I have a 10gallon tank (Roughly 40L) on a stand. I've had this thing for 3 years now, it's getting old and has been through 2 moves in the winter. basically beat up it's whole existence.  Now yesterday I noticed a crack. It's about 2 inches laterally on the side of the tank and...
  7. ashcole1989

    First New Tank All Set Up

    Hey guys! So as promised here are a few pictures of my new tank all set up! First one here is the day I filled it to make sure everything was in order http://s4.postimg.org/jlvl9oxx9/20140126_134328.jpg And then this one after it had been sat for a day! It's a little cloudy but it's...
  8. rcampbel04

    New Member - Did My Research After Buying A Tank = /

    Hello everyone. As you can tell from my title, i am new AND made the mistake of not doing my research before buying an aquarium setup. That being said, i have a fresh new 10 gallon tank with two fish in it (angelfish and a blood parrot) and i am caught between returning the fish to do a fishless...
  9. Y

    45 Gallon Bow Tropical Freshwater Aquarium

    Hello everyone me and my fiancee have a currently 2 month old tank that is Tropical planted tank with Half Gravel and half Sand. In truth we actually have had this tank for 4 months, but the first month was a catastrophic failure. When we first got the tank we received with it "dirty gravel" to...
  10. RossC

    Bogwood And Redmoor For Sale - West Midlands

    Equipment make/model/size: Bogwood and Redmoor Wood, sizes shown in images  Quantity for sale: 4 pieces Reason for Sale: No longer used Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: £10 per piece of wood Postage & Packaging: Collection only Location: WS8, West Midlands Photographs: Please...
  11. D34DLY

    Suggestions On Water Flow In Tall Aquarium

    Hi,.   So let me begin by apologising if this is in the wrong section. I wasn't too sure, but presumed this to be quite a basic question (shame I've ran out of ideas!) so placed it here.   Anyway, I have a custom made aquarium, at 60cm tall, 54cm deep and 76cm long, this one is quite unique.  ...
  12. Kabernick30

    New Tank Concern

    Recently 3 of my 6 fish have died due to what appears to be a internal parasite causing dropsy. I currently have nothing to treat the tank however im curious if ishould treat it or is it to late as it seems to be spreading. Also would transferring gravel, driftwood and filter media to a new...
  13. Kabernick30

    Stocking/gourami Question

    I have a 26 gallon community tank with 4 danios, and a dwarf spotted pleco. Im looking to get a school of fish, and a centerpiece fish like a honey gourami or 3 spot opaline gourami Does anyone have any recommendations for a school of fish and whether a singular gourami would be too aggressive...
  14. Guppy621

    Should I Add This Fish?

    I have a 20 gallon planted aquarium. I have 4 neon tetras, 2 bloodfin tetras, 1 angelfish, 1 fiddler crab, and 1 gold mystery snail. All of my fish get along great, no fin nippers and fights, very friendly community. Sometimes my angel likes to be on his own, no other fish mess with him. Im...
  15. T

    Cracked Tank

    Woke up this morning and my 200L tank has cracked can across the base, flooded everywhere. I need it fixed ASAP but dont want it to be just any glazier, do you know anyone trustworthy and affordable and quick in Perth, WA?
  16. J

    My Fish

    Some of my fish
  17. jecolaco

    Sticking Glass Tank For Aquarium

    I'm looking for an adhesive to stick my glass aquarium. where I live no aquarium silicone is available. can I use 'feviquick' or 'fevibond' or 'marine fevicol' from the local hardware stores? are these brands safe for freshwater aquariums?   thanks
  18. W

    Stocking 20G High Tank

    I am getting a 20 gallon tank tomorrow. I am planning on the fish I would stock it with and how I would cycle it?   My current plan for fish is: 2 Dwarf Gourami's 3 Guppies 4 Albino Cory Catfish 5 Silver Hatchet fish I ran this through aqadvisor.com and it sad 99% stocking capacity.   I was...
  19. Donya

    Marine Aquarium Journals

    Go to Marine Aquarium Journals All journals, including marine journals are now in the journal section of the site.
  20. ChaseO


    I have a 20 gallon long aquarium, it is 30 inches long, and 16 inches deep. I want to set it up for saltwater with live rock and anemone some corals and eventually some SPS corals. I have a very low budget! I would prefer to get LED lights. The problem for me is, most LED lights cost very high...