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Mar 3, 2013
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I have peppered and Julii corydoras in a 120L tank aswell as a some Rummynose teras. I have recently found some yellow spherical objects which I assume are eggs, the peppered cories eggs. Somehow I'm not sure whether or not these eggs will survive. Any help would be greatly appreciated
The best thing to do I've found is to remove the parents and raise the fry in the tank, because the parents will eat the eggs.  If you don't want to do that or don't have another tank you could scrape the eggs off into a breeder net and put an air pump beneath it.  Eggs fungus very easily so they need good water flow.  You can tell eggs have fungus if they get a white center or are all white.  Healthy eggs stay tan and later on you can see their little heads moving in there sometimes.  Some people make their own contraptions using pop bottles or plastic containers with holes in them. Sand is a must for raising fry, as gravel is a mess and a bare tank bottom will collect deadly fungus which will kill fry.  Good luck with the eggs!
I already have gravel but the thing is they're in the tank now with the parents remaining uneaten I'm just not sure about them because they're the yellow of a yolk.
Cories go a cream colour, (maybe a hint of yellow in some breeds I don't know) if they're fertilised and should get noticable black dots where eyes are inside the eggs as they develop. Best bet is to get a very finely meshed breeders net and place the eggs in there. Get a good flow of water into the net, maybe place it near the filter outlet?
If eggs are stuck to side of tanks then use a razor blade or a credit card thin object and slide them off, that way they don't get damaged but over handling.
Depending on the breed cory eggs hatch after about 4-5 days but could be longer so be patient!

Darn, just seen that Diddlebug answered already! Sorry!!
If you don't have room to raise the fry, then just leave the eggs where they are.

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