Pygmy Corydoras eggs!!!

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Dec 21, 2022
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New Brunswick
I just recently added 5 more Pygmy Corydoras to my 10 gal tank for a total of 14 strong and within a week of receiving and adding them to my group I already have EGGS!!! Im so excited I was hoping to breed them as a winter project but after months of waiting for months hoping that my group of 9 would produce something but it also seems that my male to female ratio was off. I had more Females then to males so I also made the request for males for the newest bunch and bam Im 2 eggs in so far but that is only what I can actually see (plus the tank is on my work desk so I can pay close attention to the activity in the tank). I was able get some of the actually "T" action when they were mid spawn! Im so excited now to see how I make out with raising them. :) Any experienced Pygmy Cory breeders out there have any advice for raising to mature adults fish?
I assume the new fish are mature size or close, since discerning male/female is next to impossible except by girth. This cory is not solikely to eat the eggs, though they may eat some. I had six fish in a 10g tank, and within less thantwo years there were 30. I wasn't "trying" to spawn them, but as they werethe sole inhabitants in this tank, there was far less chance of eggs being eaten and many survived.

First thing you want to add as food are dried leaves. And hard2ood tree is OK, like oak, maple, beech. Of you can buy Indian Almond Leaves in some fish stores. The leaves become waterlogged and as they begin to break down they produce infusoria, a first food of almost every fish. You can collect dried leaves that have fallen from the tree, just make sure the area is safe--not near industrial sites, roads, no pesticides or fertilizers, etc.

I fed my pygmy cory fry on Omega One Shrimp Pellets and the micro Bug Bites. the Fry will never stop feeding on infusoria, but they will easily move on to these two foods.

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