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  1. Aspen35

    Struggling with plants.

    I recently ordered some jungle Val. I knew it may take a while to adjust from being shipped, but it’s going very poorly. Was delivered September 28th. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to melt back or have too many problems, and it started sending runners. Now, everything is dying. The little...
  2. Tttay89

    Name of this yellow cichlid?

    Is it a yellow Labidochromis? I thought they usually had a black dorsal fin.
  3. E

    Yellow Labidochromis cichlid

    I am thinking of getting 3-4 of this yellow cichlids but I want fish that swim near middle of tank to see colors, not ones that stay in rocky areas or plants near bottom essentially hiding. Do these swim around or hide? Thanks!
  4. Flinkbag

    Water Colour Is Gross

    Hey all! :D   So for a while now my tank has been an odd colour. If i could describe it, it would be a greeny-yellow-blue XD Its honestly more on the yellow side, but sometimes looks a little blueish green. It has been like this since I had a massive ammonia spike a month or two ago. The water...
  5. C

    Fish Id?

    Can any one tell me what fish this is? I have no idea it has long fins and is about 2'' under light it has neon blue dots on it ans its main colour is yellow? Any help would be great :Dhttp://instagram.com/p/ffdT9TGTcP/
  6. B

    Please Identify My Fish

    I picked this fish up from a local fish store because i though it was very cool but i have no idea what type of fish it is....  i want to make sure it doesn't need any special requirements.  currently i'm not too happy with my water parameters but he seems to be doing fine so far.  He has been...
  7. S

    Corydoras Eggs?

    I have peppered and Julii corydoras in a 120L tank aswell as a some Rummynose teras. I have recently found some yellow spherical objects which I assume are eggs, the peppered cories eggs. Somehow I'm not sure whether or not these eggs will survive. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. ron4sum1

    Red/yellow Cherry Shrimp In Leeds Centre

    Hello, I'm looking to buy the shrimps mentioned above around 10 pieces, please. I'd prefer to meet up in Leeds Centre for the exchange, or I could walk to your place if you could guide me! :D Thank you very much! Ronald