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Name of this yellow cichlid?

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Aug 5, 2019
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Is it a yellow Labidochromis? I thought they usually had a black dorsal fin.


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It’s definitely not a Yellow Labidochromis, they have black on their dorsal fins.

(On second thought, it may be a juvenile - they don’t have black on their dorsal fins. Do you know how old it is?)
I'm unsure of its age but yes was only 1.5". I was interested in him at the store but the label just said "mixed Malawi cichlid"
It could be a Yellow Labidochromis, but then again, I am no expert. :)
Strangely enough someone from my local area has just uploaded pictures of similar identical looking fish for sale on Facebook and named them "yellow Labs for sale" so I think the black fin must come with age!

I think there a few variations of colours and stripes for this fish.
They are from Lake Malawi and they are one of the Mbuna Cichlids..
They are quite aggressive, very quick and very interesting fish.


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