Juwel Aquarium 180 + Full Setup Collection Only Eastbourne E.sussex


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Mar 5, 2010
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Pevensey East Sussex
Equipment Juwel-180 litre Aquarium for sale:
Age and condition: seven years very good
Quantity for sale: 1
Reason for Sale: relocation moving home - no animals allowed
Delivery or Collection: Collection only please
Sale price: £190
Willing to Ship (Yes or No):No
Postage & Packaging Price:
Location East Sussex Pevensey
Photograph:Uploading soon.
Setup consists of:
Aquarium with hood.
double florescent lighting tubes with highly reflective aluminium reflectors for efficient lighting of the tank subjects.
Black textured natural looking plastic backing onto interior on rear glass for that natural look and to prevent light escaping though the rear.
Black natural volcanic sand and gravel in two separate layers.
Juwel internal built-in filtration system.
Several large pieces of aquarium quality bog-wood. (this is denser than water and therefore does not float)
In addition I will include a fluvel 4 (the large model) this turns the water over several times an hour so this with the Juwel filtration should ensure optimum water conditions.

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